Gyutan Tsukasa-Japanese Beef Tongue Specialist at Mitsuwa Costa Mesa

Straight Outta Sendai,Japan
Crazy, good beef tongue
Charcoal grilled expertly, son
This ain’t no joke
Take a whiff of that smoke
Nothing but pure beef down that throat
Suckas line up for ramen lookin like pigs at the trough
Little do they know that Gyutan has a better soup broth


I think a haiku is supposed to be 5-7-5

The tongue is delicious and well prepared but it’s so hard not to get ramen. I’m only able to get the tongue if I bring my family along. But then I have to spend an extra $20-$30 on ice cold beer(s) for dad to deal with waiting on multiple lines, getting food from 3-4 stalls, buying additional soft serve and being suckered into a few bags of gummy candies. The price parents have to pay I guess.

Are you basically brown-bagging it in the food court? I could have sworn I saw signs prohibiting alcohol. Cuz an asahi with santouka would be excellent.

There’s an official beer garden at Mitsuwa Costa Mesa.

wow when did this happen? News to me.

I don’t remember. A friend first told me about it 1.5 years ago?

Looks like the next family dinner is gonna be at Mitsuwa. thanks y’all.

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They actually have a very nice beer selection and some sake too. I believe Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi and a few Coedo beers available.

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Did you hear that sound? Thumb violin concerto “No One Is Feeling Sorry For Your Beer Problems.” :joy:

Haha. Yes I believe they call this a 1st world problem. Drinking ice cold beer while waiting on line for Santouka, beef tongue and tempura.


One should have such problems!!!

If I had a dollar for everytime I said that. Spend a lot of time there? :beer: :grin:

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HOnestly the only decent gyutan in SoCal. When I first had it I was disappointed when comparing it to a place I went to in Tokyo but when reality checks in, I’m not going to do much better than this so I heartily recommend it as well.