Haiku about closed restaurants (LA Weekly)

Casbah, I agree. That was a good, unique place and part of the core of Silver Lake. Sorry to see it go.

Famima was filth. Its onigiri were the worst I’ve ever hard. I’m no snob here; I adore the onigiri at 7-11 stores in Tokyo. There is no reason to wax poetic about Famima.

There are no bad onigiri in Japan. Lawson, 7-Eleven, even Famima Japan… All their onigiri kick ass.

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Agree. I happily ate convenience store onigiri every day for breakfast when I lived there. The quality of everything in Japan is so much higher. Except Starbucks: it still serves burnt tasting coffee.

This reminds me – there used to be a shop dedicated to onigiri in Santa Monica/Venice on Main Street. I went once and remember mixed feelings. I wonder if it’s still around?

Agreed - I won’t miss Famina

Sunny blue? Still there as far as I know.

Sunny Blue is still there. I had mixed feelings about the SM one too. However, there’s now one in Culver City right across from A-Frame which is much better.