Hakkasan Miami: Superb Dim Sum

Wish we had this in LA. Pricy but as good as LA’s best. Even better if you consider their creative and delicious vegetarian dumplings and chicken shiu Mai with abalone for those that don’t partake in pork.

Everything was good to excellent. Not pictured but also excellent are the shrimp and snow pea/Chinese cabbage (depending on season) dumplings and the morel mushroom dumplings.

Duck with pumpkin puff. Good.

XO scallop dumplings. Good. Not much scallop.

Har gow. Excellent.

Scallop shiu Mai. Excellent.

Duck dumplings. Very good. Nice touch of curry.

King Crab and pork XLB. Good. Really juicy. Served in broth.

Chicken and scallop shiu mai. Excellent.

Lobster dumplings. Very good.

Beef puff. Very good to Excellent


Looks great! Thanks for posting these photos!

Have you been to other locations Stateside? If so, how does it compare to NYC or SF?

Where exactly is it located in the Fontainebleu? My family’s got a condo 10 minutes away so I’m looking forward to trying it next time we’re down south!

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