Han Il Kwan on Balboa

I have a chance to have lunch there soon. Is it as good as everyone says? Is there anything in particular that’s especially good? Thanks!

The fish cakes in their panchan is my gold standard.

What do you usually order?

I haven’t gone there in a few years but at any Korean BBQ place I usually order spicy pork and/or bulgogi.

It’s a long time since I’ve been there, but I liked it a lot.

One thing worth mentioning: they appear to have a deal with one or more tour bus companies, because I often see buses depositing big groups there. Not sure if or how that influences your decision, but I figured it’s good to know.

Han Il Kwan was okay the only time we ate there (maybe a year ago). We left with a “meh” feeling about the place (I don’t remember what I had now.) I prefer Muguboka (on Balboa). The panchan is stellar.