Hanjip Culver City - the East is West II

In short the best K bbq Westside and rival to Park’s but better because they have carabineros.


My Google search indicates that’s the shrimp? What’s special about them (genuine question from the noob)?

They are these really deliciously sweet prawns you get in Spain and also Italy (Mediterranean I’m guessing). Like a gambas rojas or gamberi rosso on roids. The meat is really tender and sweet. The best part though is the head juices. Remove the head delicately so as not to spill any of the juice (as you would a delicate XLB) and suck it dry. The head juices may be unrivaled out of all the shrimps.

High end places will sell them for $99/lb. Here they are 4 large ones for $49.

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Interesting, their online menu on their site http://hanjip.com/ says it’s $88 but doesn’t say for how many. Also that’s a rather high barrier of entry, price-wise, for someone who wants to try them to order. $49 is still not cheap, but is more accessible. Is it market pricing or is it fixed?

Interesting. I was certain I saw $49 on the menu and the check but I could be mistaken. I’m not gonna lie. Wine may have been involved. $15 corkage for those interested.

did you happen to see anyone order the big tomahawk steak? I can’t imagine that grilling them on the tabletop pan would do a piece of meat like that justice. Seems wrong…really wrong.

I agree. But since it’s so thick you could probably end up getting a decent crust on both sides and still end up with a medium rare center.

I saw 1 or 2 tabls order it and the outsides seemed sufficiently browned. I don’t know what the inside looked like though.

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Nice technique.


So f’in’ naughty.


Stopped by just for you: $49

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So it seems like it must be quite worthwhile then after all, no?

Wait - this kbbq joint is being done by the same guys as Seoul sausage?

Is Seoul Sausage very poor quality or something? To be honest, I’ve never been.

I most certainly did not want to infer that with my post.

Seoul Sausage’s Chef Chris Oh partnered with restaurateur Stephane Bombet.

Why the surprise then?

I personally like it a lot. Was just at the new location last night. I don’t know how others over here feel, though.

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Same here. Although my favorite items are their balls (Like Arancini, but so much better!) and their Poutine. The poutine is one of my favorite dishes in the city. The only thing I didn’t like from them is their Fried Chicken.


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Only been there once (maybe twice) and found it enjoyable, as well.

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