Hanoi's Dinner at State-Run Food Shop No. 37

Not at all what I imagined which was a big dining hall. Instead this place is small and on a side street on the small island on Ho Tay lake. 37 Nam Tràng, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình Trúc Bạch Ba Đình Hà Nội, Vietnam. We ate there several times and loved it. My personal favorite was the fried rice from the back of the menu (A big upside down rice shell bowl) with the pumpkin and garlic on top and then the cabbage with tomatoes (both from the vegetable page) on top. Really good. Lots of meat dishes as well. Some of the translations were a bit off like braised duck which turned out to be duck soup, and fried chicken turned out to be stir fried chicken. But everything we had was very good and very inexpensive. Apple wine was way stronger than wine., served in a bottle with a twisted brown paper plug. Read about it in 36 hours in Hanoi in NY times. The first time we ate there we were the only tourists there. Very down market place but a cheap taxi ride.

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