Happy Yeti (Pacific Beach)

Happy Yeti just opened today. Got some free samples as part of their grand opening.

They specialize in shaved snow (not to be confused with shaved ice), and advertises itself as all organic (whatever that may mean), and begs the question … is there non-organic ice?

Good selection of flavors like chocolate chipotle, matcha, peanut butter, acai etc.

Menu is divided between dairy, coconut-based, and water-based.

Cool little spot. Just in time for summer.

Happy Yeti
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PB is a really good choice of location for this. I guess I’ve never had shaved snow; just read about it now online. The difference between shaved snow and shaved ice seems somewhat analogous to that between frozen custard and frozen yogurt.

Sounds like a real treat, light and tasty. Yes, good timing, weather-wise.

But, ummm, chipotle-flavored shaved snow? Hmmmm…

Iceskimo on Convoy is another shaved snow place.

I thought it was shaved ice at Icekimo.


Well, then I’ve obviously had shaved snow before, since I’ve been enjoying it at Icekimo since it was a popup at the bakery (already forgot the name). The description and photo that I saw after googling to learn the difference between shaved snow and shaved ice made snow sound different that what’s served at Icekimo, though. Whatever the name, I and my DH companion both like it a lot.