Harissa Restaurant

For those who enjoy a good baba ghanoush, the one at Harissa will not disappoint. The chef fire roasts the eggplant and then spikes the mixture with fresh lemon juice and garlic aplenty. The result is this smoky, creamy and slightly sweet acidic viscous concoction that will make you forget all about mashed potatoes.

Other highlights were the breik a l’oeuf au thon, which reminded me of a big empanada made with crepe dough and stuffed with egg and tuna, as well as the red pepper couscous soup.

And speaking of couscous, do not forgo the tanjines. We had the beef tanjine and the short rib beef was tender, flavorful and an incredibly perfect complement to the light and fluffy couscous. The tanjines are a must order.

Harissa Restaurant
8914 W Pico Blvd
(a block west of Robertson)


Let me know how you like the b’stilla. There’s lots on the menu I’d like to explore, including the brisket sandwich of all things.

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looks great, will try soon.

Loved their Baba Ganoush, so light and creamy!