Has Anyone Been to Café Landwer?

I was wondering if anyone had been to Café Landwer, which just opened in Century City? Retro Coffee Shop Café Landwer Opens With Mediterranean Food in Century City - Eater LA

They popped up in my Postmates and I tried ordering a few times, but every time the order got cancelled without explanation. On the one hand, I’m suspicious because the menu is so broad – pancakes, waffles, 7 kinds of Shakshuka, 5 kinds of hummus, pasta, kabobs, shawarma etc. – but, on the other hand, maybe it’s a great find? Hope springs eternal.

I’ve been to one of the locations near Tel-Aviv, but not sure how it’s going to be like over here. Very solid brunch type menu. Good place to catch up with friends. Very casual. Please report back if you end up going I’m curious as well!

Oh, I had no idea they might have interesting items… or that they were even open yet (I walk by the space on my way to Sweetgreen, and I last walked by maybe a week ago). As stupid as it sounds, something about the font made me think this was a bland corporate place. I’ll check next time I’m at Sweetgreen…

I went this past wk for lunch.

Got the Mediterranean Salad. Utensil package for scale (the thing is HUGE). It’s basically a tabouli w/ goat cheese and a generous helping of what I think were Marcona almonds and some diced yellow peppers. The flavor was fine, although I wouldn’t have minded a touch (any?) more acidity (but the usual amt of lemon in a tabouli side-salad portion would’ve been excessive in this entree size).

Including tip and tax, this was almost $18. I assume the almonds are pricey, and, again, the size is generous, but I still can’t help but feel that the pricing (at least for this one item) was a bit… precious.

While the menu is extensive, it’s not like it’s that “diverse.” A lot it consists of variations of hummus and shakshuka. And I don’t know if anyone has ever a tabouli salad anywhere and said, “Gosh, I wish they’d offer this in an entree size.”

Just based on this one try, I’d say it’s a place I’d go to when I want to meet up w/ an acquaintance who I don’t know very well and need to choose a place that’s inoffensive but not totally boring. It’s way too expensive to put on my regular rotation for a solo lunch.


So I finally tried it. And my overarching comment is “why can’t we have nice things in Century City?” For instance, like a branch of Tarzana’s Hummus Bar & Grill or a branch of the Farmer’s Market Moishe’s (which at least years ago was great)?

They don’t have chicken kabob on the menu, so I ordered chicken shawarma, for $19. Not good at all. Chicken all dried out, way too salty and not flavorful - tasted mostly like salted dried out chicken. It came with couscous and a small herb salad. The couscous was dry and tasteless. The small herb salad was the best part of the meal.

I ordered hummus on the side, which is a $15 add on. It wasn’t a super generous portion for $15 and it was just okay – nowhere as good as the hummus at Hummus Bar in Tarzana. The pita was bad (and made me wistful for the pita at Hummus Bar).

I suppose I would try their Shakshuka because I love Shakshuka, but based on this go-around, I’m not super optimistic.

With Postmates add-ons, tip, etc., total meal was $41.80 and I wouldn’t order again the items I ordered even if they giving them away. So back to wondering why we can’t have nice things in Century City. I know the rents are high, which I assume accounts for Cafe Landwer’s high prices, but the execution was not there.


I should add that while I was not impressed by the food, they have a good graphic designer (credit where credit is due). The pita comes in nicely logo’d paper wrapping.! Love the font and yellow lettering.

The take-out containers are adorable as well, although I would dispute “Supreme in Quality.” If others can review toilets here, I can review food packaging and their food packaging definitely gets a 10 out of 10 from me.


Oh, that’s so funny. I thought the logo was great, too. And I also assumed that the food was s*ck, based on how good the logo is. Too self conscious early 20th century to have soulful food, IMHO. My meal sounds like it was better than yours, sadly.

I cannot believe a hummus add on was $15.

My assumption about no (little) good food in Century City is that the corporate lunch drones that probably support the eateries wouldn’t good for anything truly interesting or tasty. I’m glad sweetgreen and Clementine are as good as they are!

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Are they hand peeling the chickpeas?!

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That was the cheap hummus. They had some souped up ones that were more expensive. And the portion wasn’t huge. Maybe enough for 2, but just barely.

Or you could get Hummos from Bavel for 12 $

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