Has anyone tried the $195 chicken or $225 duck at Republique?

In perusing their menus for updates I noticed they’ve added what must be the most expensive chicken I have ever come across in Los Angeles. Researching it, it appears to be a special type of Cornish hen that is milk fed out of a farm in New York. Anyone know if it’s worth $195?

How about Duck a la Presse? Classic French, but is Manzke good enough to make it worth the money?

Perhaps he could be persuaded to do livre a la royale if there is a regular market for $200 chicken in Los Angeles after all?

I must say, that does not look like it is worth anywhere near $195.

It looks like a nice plate of chicken, sure, but that can be had for a tiny fraction of the price at more than few places.


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Makes the caviar duck at Hakkasan look like a steal! :wink:

I’ve had a few of the $50++ plates at Republique and did not find any of them worth it. They even have a $68 denver sole dish, which sounds equally ridiculous.

I still love Republique, even if their Old Fashions set me back $15 at a time.

What dishes do you feel are worth it there?

I keep trying to find a reason to return, I recall enjoying my meal there a few months ago, but I can’t find any particular reason to go back in terms of food (their drinks are probably worth going back for by themselves).

I always feel like I’d rather just walk up the block to Odys & Penelope for food though.

Actually $68 for a whole Dover sole is considered a fair price if it is true Dover sole.

I agree Denver sole for $68 sounds ridiculous.

oops =X

here’s the ONLY pic I could find of it

Yep $68 for whole Dover sole very legit pricing and probably worth a try.

Interesting. thanks for the lesson in fair market value.

Marea in NYC charges $69/lb for it. So that dish you’re looking at is probably going to run $100-150

TIL: I will be eating tilapia far more often than dover sole.


Didn’t you hear? Tilapia is bad for you. The omega3 ratio is wrong and you’re almost better off eating bacon.

Btw, that whole Dover sole dish is usually meant for 2.


Second that.


i’ve eaten a few times at republique and found it worth the money, though i haven’t had that duck or chicken heck that lil crock o’meat butter seems expensive only until you put it your mouth.
i’ve paid 15 bucks for
a decent old fashioned in bumfuck, midwest, so i’m not begrudging that, either.

The foie gras and black truffle chicken at nomad in nyc is only 80 bucks and it was the best chicken I’ve had in my life. I don’t see how a $195 chicken can be any better.

This uni has fucking huevos

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Is the Denver Sole served with Rocky Mountain Oysters?

$ 195.00 . really . That looks like my $ 1.95 food I purchase and I throw in the pan for my Wednesday meal . Sorry . Chicken ?

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