Hashiri Bettei Kaiseki Aoki

solid kaiseki in saratoga.

wagyu shabu shabu
warabi mochi

dashi - honkarebushi (makurazaki), 5 year aged rishiri-kombu (hokkaido)

sakizuke - goma tofu, uni, shungiku, wasabi

otsukuri - kue (nagasaki), kanzuri, ponzu

chutoro, toro (boston)

owan - maine lobster, white miso, yuba


abalone, liver, uni

persimmon, daikon

tai nikogori

yakimono - unagi, pinot noir salt, ginger

hokkaido a5 wagyu shabu shabu, maitake mushroom, egg yolk ponzu

yamagata tsuyahime rice

chirimen sansho, karasumi, tsukemono, mushrooms

mizukashi - persimmons, muscat grapes, ground cherry, asian pear

warabi mochi, kinako, kuromitsu

toto neorest




No “ratings” for the different dishes ? Or some comparison to other existing places to get a better idea about the quality of the place

I wonder where to find muscat grapes? I love them but haven’t seen any in recent years.

At least at the WF in Redwood City we have them quite often

I never shop at Whole Foods, I’ll check it out.

did you ever go to kaiseki saryo hachi in burlingame? same folk

the obvious comparison would be elitist hayato. they’re not at hayato’s level, but who is?

some nits, the first two “courses” consisting of a cup of iwa sake and a glass of dashi seemed too precious.
the kitchen is in the back so you can’t watch any of the cooking.
I would have liked more grilled fish and a fried tempura course.
I liked the rice course but some may think plain white rice with chirimen sansho and pickles is too “austere.”

my overall rating is four out of five mushrooms
:mushroom: :mushroom: :mushroom: :mushroom:


We haven’t been to the one in Burlingame (too many restaurants on our list, too little time)