Have you ever met a FTC/CH randomly?

I met an FTC member recently at Tsujita Sushi, however, when he asked if I was there because of j_l’s thread the previous day I pleaded ignorance. Now I’m kind of bummed because I missed the opportunity to connect with a member. The last time that happened was years ago when someone posted a review on CH, I recognized the reviewer as the woman sitting next to me and acknowledged it on the post only to have it removed with a follow up email castigating me for my indiscretion. So to that fellow FTC’r nice to meet you.

Who was the FTCer ???

We need secret FTC handshake or gang signs. #BecauseThugFTClife


Yeah fuckers !!! :blush:

if you posted a pic i might have recognized you at lee’s noodle a couple of weeks ago.

A friend once pointed out somebody who posted heavily on the Chowhound SF Bay Area board as she was walking by.

I saw another SF board regular at the farmers market once. I recognized him because he’d been on an episode of “Check, Please” and posted about it.

Not really the same thing, but a few years ago when I ate at Etxebarri in Spain it turned out that two other Chowhounds were there on the same day.

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@J_L’s a piece of dead fish on some rice. While I can’t say the same for a sushi-ya, he probably stuck out like a sore thumb at a Korean noodle house. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I left enough details for him to know. I only point it out because he picked up the tab for two other guys. :wink:

Never . Not even CH . I would mention these food talk sites . And they would look at me like your fucking crazy ,

A couple of times yes…but only after reading their posts did I realize it.

I don’t think some people want to hear that they were seen so I leave it be. OTOH, if it’s someone like Kevin…I’d def let them know. :grin:

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Not entirely random, but had the pleasure of meeting Weinermobile in a La Barberas pizza parking lot handoff and Kevin at fucking Tana’s where they let us cook off some La Barbera’s pie. Expected Kevin to weigh about 200 pounds more than he does. And that aint no fucking joke.


This was/is one of the stupider CH policies that made absolutely no sense. Why would you kill the esprit de corp like that? Of web forum members. smfh.


Oh, I would’ve loved to have been there!

I never run into a CH/FTC randomly… I’ve never even suspected one of being nearby. :frowning:

I’ve had lunch several times with fellow CH in San Diego…(Fake Name & Foodiechick) Lovely people!

I know someone else on the SD board (done business with him) but he will never admit it…too bad, his loss!

I would love to met Ipse and f*cking Kevin at Dan Tana’s for cocktails with Mike serving us!

Almost ran into JThur01 at Shaanxi Gourmet. This was shortly after it opened and word hadn’t gotten out, so as I was leaving, my attention was called to two non-Asians sitting by the entrance. My guess was that they were food reviewers. After Tweeting about my visit, JThur01 replied he was there at the same time.

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That sounds like a nice little fucking game plan.

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I’ve randomly run into @kevin 3 times.

You might just have a point there.

Can you name them?