Haven’t been back to San Gabriel Valley since before Pandemic

I haven’t been back to San Gabriel Valley since before the Pandemic. I used to hit up Szechuan Impression, China Islamic, Sea Harbor, 101 Noodle Express, Hunan Mao, Earthen, Beijing Pie House, Chengdu Taste and Mei Long Village.

Which of these spots are still around and thriving?

And what are best places to head to out there nowadays for a first time?


Beijing Pie House is closed. I don’t know anywhere else to get xian bings in SGV if that’s what you want.


Hui Tou Xiang in SG has xian bing but they’re better known for pork potstickers/Hui Tou dumplings and pork/crab XLB.


Just did an internet search. That’s what I used to get at A&J!

So glad to know they’re still available somewhere in the SGV…

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Thank you. I guess i’m curious, more broadly, if there are thoughts on which of these spots are still rocking it, AND if there is some set of newer restaurants in SGV that are all around hits that one should check out if I haven’t been out there for a few years. I’m ready to make the trek a few times over the next month to revisit and to try anew.


In addition to Beijing Pie House, Mei Long Village and Hunan Mao have closed as well.

The replacement for Beijing Pie House, Jin Hai Pie House, still serves xian bing, at least the meat versions (no radish pies or wild veggie pies though), but reviews are mixed at best, with most saying they aren’t nearly as good.

I’ve only managed 3 visits since the pandemic, so I can relate.


zui xiang yuan aka the old flavor garden in alhambra has had them on their menu:

they also make a smaller variant with chives:

to the OP: i might suggest xiang la hui since you seem to be partial to szechuan. but don’t expect to be overwhelmed by mala there. szechuan cuisine is capable of nuance, and this place demonstrates that.

i’d also recommend jiang nan spring for shanghainese. they made the michelin bib gourmand list Jiang Nan Spring – Alhambra - a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

they’ve been there a while, but if you like northern regional chinese, northern cafe in monterey park has great noodles, including a great big plate of chicken, .


This is super helpful. I’ll definitely put Jiang Nan Spring and Northern Cafe on my list. Thank you. Would love other suggestions. Assuming Szechuan Impression on Chengdu Taste are still great,…i’d love to hear suggestions of other regional specialities beyond Szechuan. Thanks again, FTC fam.

I usually love that place however last week I got takeout there and the dumplings were so doughy. Hopefully it was just a one off thing.

You know to open the packaging because the steam will continue carryover cooking and make the dumplings mushy, right? Dumplings do not make for great takeout.

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This has been like the 5th time I’ve gotten takeout from them, they usually hold up really well :person_shrugging:

You Kitchen on Valley also has good hand made carb pies that are a little bit different from Jin Hai-Beijing Pie House.
Really love their other offerings (frozen dumplings) and Szechuan dandan noodle

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Thank you for letting me know about this spot. I’m adding it to my list!!!

It opened before the pandemic, but I have to recommend Chongqing Special Noodles. The Biang Biang Noodles (Kudai mian) are the standout thing on the menu for me. Gele mountain chicken is also good.

Hui Tou Xiang, which others have recommended, is definitely worth a visit but I think they’re still only doing takeout