Having to log in every time?

I’ve recently won a battle with a nasty bit of malware but one of a few lasting bits seems to be that I have to log in the FTC every time I come here. I thought there was a ‘keep me logged in’ option during sign in but I’m not seeing it or finding it in my own setting/preferences. How can I fix this?

The malware fight involved refreshing and uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox several times, so I tried accessing here with Chrome and the same thing is happening there. Other sites have required sign in the first time visiting with Firefox after the fix, but only FTC seems to want this every time. Am I missing something simple?

That’s a question for meta.discourse.org. This topic seems on point:


You might try clearing the cookies for foodtalkcentral.com.

Weird. I just used my bookmark for this site, after having closed and re-opened Firefox, and it logged me in automatically. This hadn’t happened the last4 or 5 times doing the same thing.