Hawaii Supermaket SGV - '78 Petrus Imperiale to pair with Braised Armadillo

Talk about an adveturous selection. I’ve never paid much attention to the liquor or frozen food section until today

Imperiales galore

Bling labels

A veritable frozen zoo

Some Ah Yat endorsed abalone to accompany sauerkraut flavored instant noodles, washed down with $400 bottle baijiu

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How much are fakes? Not talking about the armadillo. That’s obvs real.

Also, the Chinese instant noodle game is SO strong compared to all the garbage coming out of Japan these days. A bit ironic I think.

Yeah the condition of the labels were a bit too perfect…

What was the price of the 78?

No price tags unfortunately…

They have plenty of DRC also. I would venture to guess 98-100% fake.

Kinda makes you wonder about whose pet kitty is now ardvark and everything else on the shelf.

Damn. They’re almost sold out on the goat testes.

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Hawaii portable chopstick game on point though.

I can’t believe they have so many bottles of Pappy Van Winkle 20. That is so hard to find (harder than Petrus and DRC). I don’t think that KLWines, Wally’s, Beverage Warehouse, or anywhere else in town stocks it. I have to believe these are all fakes. But the idea that a store as large as Hawaii Supermarket would have so many conspicuously counterfeit products is almost as hard to accept as that it would have the real things.

Perhaps they are selling them as “replicas” so you can pretend you’re having an over the top experience?

Yah met up with some friends earlier this year, and one of them just came back from a vacation through Asia. Mentioned in China they even have fake Coke, and fake American bottled water brands. Terrible.

High end wines: all fakes.
Hint: ask them for the owc (original wood case).

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i’m not sure any retailer in the country “stocks” pappy van winkle. isn’t it usually allotted maybe a bottle or two at a time?
the retailers usually have a mile long waiting list and a lottery for those bottles.

I have no fucking clue what’s going on in this post ???

Are you guys stating that Hawaii Supermarket is supposedly selling counterfeit fine wines, whiskey and scotches ???

Or something else entiredly.

Roughly a year ago or less when I dropped by the market I was beyond fucking shocked, amazed, and perplexed to see a myriad of Opus One vintages lined up in addition to Screaming Eaggles.

I have never seen this at even fine wine stores or shoppes. This was definitely a first.

Do they have a major fucking baller status of Chinese or HK clientelle that purchases these goods like none other or what ???

Thanks guys and this is seriously no fucking joke.

Anyone want to hypothesize here? rewards > risk? cultural acceptance of counterfeits? all of the above?

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