Hawaiian in E. Hollywood: Kukui Hut Cafe

There’s very little on the menu for me to eat, but it’s intriguing - the SPAM musubi which includes a hashbrown patty does look like it might be tasty.

Restaurant website:

Thanks to an article on Eater:

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If you are looking for good hold in the wall style Hawaiian breakfast check it out. Last time I went I got the spam musubi, the kalua pork fries, and the loco moco. I would skip the kalua pork fries but the loco moco and the spam musubi were delicious and reasonably priced. I generally prefer 2 thinner beef patties for my loco moco but aside from that the gravy the onions and the meat and eggs were great along with their teriyaki sauce and some sriricha


It’s crazy that the owner drives in from Lancaster every day. That is commitment.


Holy crap that is insane, I had no idea. The only kind of annoying thing is that they really try to pimp you on social media, they asked me and other customers to pose for photos so they could post on their insta and fb. But otherwise they are all super nice and friendly.

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I’m cool with that. I’m ugly as shit with an uncomfortable smile so it’s their loss.


k maybe it’s just me but the pics don’t remind me of the stuff I got on the island at all. it looks like what Zippy’s would do at the LA County Fair.


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Kukui is fusion Hawaiian.

Yes, I know I suppose fusion Hawaiian is sort of like “sweet sugar”


They don’t have mac salad which makes me sad because I love that stuff mixed with rice and gravy

According to the Yelp photos they do:

Their menu does list mac salad as an option with some dishes; I imagine it’s the kind of place where’d they’d be glad to add it to an order, though I could be wrong.

When I was there I either missed the option or it wasn’t listed. They gave me mac n cheese which I found odd for a hawaiian plate lunch :frowning:

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