Hawker Fare Oakland

They’ve started taking reservations which makes the place more appealing to me. The food smelled so good that I neglected to take pictures until we’d eaten part of most of the dishes.

Jaew bong was great. For my taste only mildly spicy. Could have used more pork rinds.

Laab gai was stellar. Really bright flavors.

Special appetizer, grilled chicken wings with crab + garlic paste, green onions, and “Thai chili salt” ($12). Outside was great, inside was bland, should probably have been marinated longer.

Didn’t get a photo of the seen ping, Lao grilled beef brisket with jaew som, which was sort of like Mexican roasted vegetable salsa with black bean. Very good. Chewy texture of the beef reminded me of Thai Chai Noodle’s “pork neck.”

Blistered green beans with prik khing sauce and bacon were great though personally I would have liked the dish even better without the sugar. Not that it was candy-sweet or anything, I just don’t really get the point.

Looking forward to trying the Lao-style tom sum.