Head-Scratching Recipes

Every now and then I come across a recipe that leaves me wondering.

Like this:

Even when I happily ate smoked salmon, I can’t quite see this tasting enjoyable. I also am unsure as to why this is noted as being an “easy” recipe and find the directions somewhat lacking.

Dunno. Maybe it’s just me.


That’s insane.


I’d be willing to EAT one as a novelty. I would never make one. Crushed tomato + salmon is not a great combo, IMHO, and aren’t macarons kind of fussy to make? Ugh.


hahahah I’m just curious enough to try it but no way in heck I’d make it!!! That is hilarious @ElsieDee


Seems more like a dare than a recipe.


Just buy a plain macaron, scrape out the filling, and replace it with a little salmon, tomato, and lemon.

Or don’t.

I choose the second option.

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Savory macarons are pretty common especially as part of tasting menus, including fillings of smoked trout, salmon, wagyu or caviar in combination with different vegetables, creams etc.

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Googling “savory macaron recipe,” there are a lot of them out there, but the idea of putting smoked salmon between two sweet cookies … I guess some people like the combination. Whoever buys that sweet cod row stuff at Ikea.

That spread is quite popular in different countries in northern europe, we also have it in the fridge from time to time. Sweet and savory combinations are in general nothing unusual

I think sweet and savory can be great, but the crushed tomatoes specifically give me pause.

Had the recipe been some sort of whipped cream w/ a touch of tomato paste or something like that, I think I’d find that much more palatable.

I simply find the combination of cookies and fish unappealing. The sweeter the cookie, the more unappetizing, and macarons are over 50% sugar.