Heading back to animal for first time in a while

would love suggestions on what to order…

Smokey turkey leg.

Brains with vadouvan

Tres leches cake.

Foie gras biscuits. Maple fucking gravy.

Sweetbreads with duck orange sauce.

Kanpachi tostada for the refreshing factor.

And a few sour beers.

If still hungry get a fudge brownie from Shwartz, which works like a fucking charm.


The foie gras fucking biscuit


I sure do love those fried tendon puffs with the dipping sauce, if they still have them. They do make what is probably the most perfect chicken liver toast possible. And despite all of the meat, I always make it a point to get some salad-y thing when I’m there. That kitchen has just a deft hand with produce as protein.

Is it just me or has Garcia’s version of Tres Leches at B.S. Taqueria ruined Animal’s version? I find it pointlessly dry, and overhyped in comparison. The cheesecake pudding and granita option at Animal, on the other hand, always blows me away.

What sour beers is Animal currently pouring??

Do NOT miss the fried rabbits legs! One of the absolute best things I have ever eaten anywhere.

All else is up to you.

Try the “boner burger.” It’s an off-menu special. The patty’s made from short rib, chuck, and bone marrow. Delicious.


Wow. I never even knew that fucking existed. No one has ever mentioned it.

The brains! The brains!

Wiener, have you tried the fucking off-menu burger ???

Or had you also not heard of it ???

Thanks man.

Was not on the menu last time I was there. Want it now…
photo www.thrillist.com

what’s that ???

link to article and photo please ???

now that they got you crediting these photos :slight_smile:

It is on their new brunch menu


so it was never a secret item.

thanks man.


oh, yeah, I seemingly forgot that they were doing brunch.

hmmmm that might just be a sound idea for this weekend.

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I had a mini version of this at LA Weekly’s Burgers & Brew Festival and it stood out from the crowd.


wrong thread

my fucking bad.

Agree - I have enjoyed several different rabbit preps at animal but perhaps none more than the rabbit legs

Thank you, all, for your super helpful suggestions.

The rabbit and burger were awesome. that burger was just super, super tasty. it could have benefitted from a squirt or two of something spicy, but even without that, we were loving it.

The rabbit itself was awesome. i didn’t love the lemon pepper sauce it came with but that’s probably just personal preference.

we got a simple tomato, persimmon and pistachio salad which was refreshing and subtle.

if we were cooler we probably would have gotten the veal brains and foie gras but we don’t go for that type of stuff (embarrassing, right?)

even though none of you recommended it, we got the poutine. i got it when i first went to animal many years ago, and on top of the rabbit and burger recs from you all, the poutine sort of called out to me as a must order. and it was great.

Thanks all.