Heads up: Jinya Burbank appears to be soft open

The sign may or may not say the actual opening date is May 2. Located Pass/Riverside across from Chipotle. This is probably Toluca Lake but whatever.

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@Ns1 You’re right. It’s Burbank. I used to work down the street from there.

I’m pretty sure it’s burbank cause I happen to be standing next to the guy submitting plans at the burbank planning building last year.

I was being nosey and when I saw the word Jinya, my heart jumped a little. I go to the studio city spot during the cold season and it’s always pretty busy. I hope this place can be good and actually do their chicken broth and wontons which is my fave there.

It’s my understanding these are all franchises and each tend to be a little different. Hope this turns out well as there is no real ramen in Burbank to speak of.

don’t tell them its not toluca lake. i’m sure they’re counting on it for the cache.

there was an orochan in downtown burbank but it wasn’t good.

i hope the jinya is good and not monster crowded. and i hate parking around there.

Right, orochan cannot be mistaken for ramen.

Apparently Guisados is in the permitting process for a spot near orochan on San Fernando.

Soft open to friends and family only. Open to public 5/2.

so…they still need to get dialed in, but there is definite promise (unlike the H&H Express location)


They have beer. And sake.

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dead at 4pm happy hour. haven’t seen a line and I drive by everyday around 6-7. yelp pictures look busy though.

about 10-15 bar spots inside + ~30 on the massive patio?