Healthy and Delicious Dishes

In this thread we post our favorite healthy and delicious dishes around LA. Dishes with the maximum healthiness x deliciousness product.

Madcapra. Falafel salads
Cafe Gratitude. Cauliflower steak special (try it before it’s gone)
Cafe Gratitude. Collard green spring rolls (raw)
Au lac. Salt & peppered yam shrimp
Au lac. Curried wild rice (raw)
Wat Dong Moon Lek. Catfish larb
Jitlada. Black sea soup with baby squid
Papa Cristos. Fish plaki
Soban. Raw blue crab
Zankou Chicken. Tabbouleh salad
Sustain Juicery. Revival juice
Osteria Mozza. Grilled octopus
Pizzeria Mozza. Tricolore salad
Shunji. Tomato tofu
Urasawa. Sesame tofu
Sotto. Grilled mackerel
Peking Tavern. Lotus root
Coni’Seafood. Aguachiles

I will post more as I think about them.

Renew Juicery. Turmeric spice mylk (almond milk)
Redbird. Chopped salad
El Huarique. Ceviche
Manas. Kachumber salad
Yai’s / Tid Lom. Bamboo salad
Marouch. Muhammara

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Elderberries. Kale Corn Chowder
Baroo. Gim
Habit. Vegie Burger.
Everything. Ashirwad The Blessings (Upland)
Moroccan Couscous. Lemonade

as far as veggie burgers go, along with the Habit veggie burger that liq recommended, i’d add the veggie burger at The Stand in encino and the veggie burger at Cafe Gratitude

for vegetable platters, Pitfire pizza serves a great seasonal roasted vegetable platter that they call the Farmer’s Market Plate. to make it really healthy, you need to refrain from getting their Strauss Family Creamery soft serve for dessert.

also, for ethiopian food, the entire lunch buffet offered at Rahel Ethiopian Vegan is delish. for a small up charge you can get injera made with 100% teff instead of the injera made with a mix of teff and wheat.

for a mexican style shrimp coctel (in broth) hit up Mariscos Chente in Lennox (on Inglewood blvd south of Century) when Chente is cooking.

Pure Tofu at Musha ’

the Prik King made with tofu at Ayara

Hi Alkiegourmand,

What a fun thread. Thank you for thinking of it.

Mustard greens at Tara’s Himalayan.
Bean soup at Attari Sandwich Shop.
Cauliflower tostada at Tacos Punta Cabras.
Grilled veggie sandwich at Aroma Cafe (On Overland near Pico).
Pizzeria Mozza’s whole roasted vegetable of the day.

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Thanks, maccrogenoff. There are lots of healthy dishes at Tara’s. I like the black eye peas with bamboo shoots. I have to try these others!

Thanks, westsidegal. I should commit myself to finding my favorite veggie burger in LA. I like the one with “the works” at Real Food Daily. I’m not sure I’ve tried the one at Cafe Gratitude.

Just a note that Huckleberry now offers a veggie burger on Mondays. Had it today and it was dreadful. Served with homemade potato chips. $13.00 for a crumbling, tasteless mess. One bite and the “burger” fell like birdseed on to my plate. Disgraceful. Back to R+D Kitchen when I want a good veggie burger.

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Veggie sandwich at Gjusta
Jackfruit pate and snap pea salad at Satdha
Veggie burger and mushroom sandwich at Plant Food and Wine
Second cauliflower tostada at TPC


the cafe gratitude burger seems to have changed recently.
still good, but not quite AS good.

i’ve taken a liking to the red lentil/sweet potato patty served at fala bar on abbot kinney
i have them use their ciabatta instead of their bun.

also i’ve been enjoying the salads being turned out at fala bar, as well.
very tasty, very generous portions, good quality ingredients.
would like them so much more if there was more seating available

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