Hee Sook Lee, BCD Founder has passed away

RIP. While imo it’s not the best soondobu, it was always a reliable place to go with friends after a night out. In LA/OC it was a great intro and gateway to Korean food for many people who never had Korean cuisine. Its a glimpse that there is more to Korean food than AYCE KBBQ. Had many happy memories at BCD over the years, so thank you Hee Sook Lee


All sorts of nasty this week :hear_no_evil: :sleepy:

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This has been a shitty week for LA’s food scene and its barely Tuesday.


Some may have surpassed BCD by now, but Lee invented the set menu that is now inseparable from soondubu as a concept. To me, that’s what really puts soondubu on the map as a distinct experience. In Korea, it’s just another stew, a restaurant might serve it with anything.