Hello out there!

Hi there,

I think i’m the only one in Colorado. So here I am. so lonely.

Hello Trolley,

Where are you located? Had some great food and cocktails at Root Down in Denver while on my annual mushroom hunting trip to Colorado this last September.

Had some really good food in the Vail Valley as well . . . great Tacos from Taco Rico in Edwards, and off the Rocky Mountain taco truck, but especially enjoyed pork belly tacos from The Rose. Had fun playing Bocce at Zino’s, drinking craft beers, and grinding on crispy pizzas.

Hey Rhonelyinsandiego!

I’m in Boulder. I’ve been to Root Down and have a had a decent meal there. Great wine, amazing apps, the meals sort of fell flat. Good but not wow. The dessert was good. I’m trying to get down there to try a few others like Linger which has the same owner as Root Down. Denver has great farm to table food. Just pretty low key city for food but it’s here! I do find that the Asian food here is lacking for obvious reasons.


Trolley, yes, the duck wings app at Root Down was really great (crispy, sweet, and spicy). The dinning scene in Denver is really blowing up with lots of great new chefs and restaurants. I read somewhere recently that Denver has more new restaurant openings than any other major city in the US.

I grew up in Vail and am coming home to make some turns in a couple of weeks. Surprising how overpriced and mediocre most of the food in Vail is. A few decent fine dining choices, but otherwise a culinary desert. Good Asian food there doesn’t exist and even Mexican food there is woefully lacking. My favorite Mex place is actually a hole in the wall dive in Leadville called the Grill Bar Cafe. Horrible name, but amazing Sopapillas (In particular, the Roberto Especial)!

I am in Boulder and Ft Collins for business from time to time. What are your go-to places?

I feel like Vail is what it is bc everyone from out of town either end up in Vail or Breckenridge to go skiing . Vail, specifically as that’s what most people know and it kind of ends up being like a tourist trap. Expensive mediocre food. Denver is really blowing up. That’s very true. I’m hoping better sushi as I like Sushi Den but it’s mediocre compared to some of the sushi places in Los Angeles.

when I’m in Boulder, I like Oak (Acorn in Denver) and also Jax Fish House. I also really LOVE Blackbelly and Basta for their whole local trout that’s baked in a wood fired oven.

Hi Trolley,

Thanks for the recs. I’ll be out you way next week to put together some turns and scour the valley for good food and eats. Luckily I’ll be staying with a local friend (with a large wine cellar) and my other friend joining us is a well known (nationally and locally) and highly regarded restaurateur and winemaker. There will be a lot of juice flowing for sure. Just hope that as a current Lowlander that I can keep up!

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