Help a newbie out! Cocktails in WeHo tonight?

Hi there. I’ve recently moved to LA and live Downtown (and love it). I have been spending my time exploring my new neighborhood, and haven’t really branched out that much, somewhat because of time, somewhat because I don’t have a car (yes, I know I live in LA). But! I have a friend coming in for a conference at UCLA. She’s going to dinner with colleagues at AOC and we plan to meet afterwards.

What’s my best bet given the following requirements (in descending importance):

  1. Will not take a ridiculous amount of time to get there from AOC on a Thursday night at 9pm
  2. Has a good atmosphere for two friends catching up (not too noisy or scene-y)
  3. Has good cocktails
  4. Will not take a ridiculous amount of time for her to get back to Westwood or me to get back to DTLA at the end of the night (We’ll both be taking Uber)

If we were going to be in DTLA, I would take her to Rebird. Tobin Shea’s cocktails are top notch and the room is beautiful, but also not that noisy (especially when they have the roof open).

So, is there anything like that that satisfies my logistical requirements? A colleague recommended Melrose Umbrella Co., but I’m interested in getting some more input.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have and I look forward to chiming in on future threads!

Melrose Umbrella Co is great. The bar at ink. Petty Cash (same cocktologist as Redbird). The back bar at Eveleigh.

Goldie’s and Gracias Madre both have very beautiful rooms, but I can’t vouch for the cocktails at the moment.

Welcome to L.A.! Hope I’m not too late in answering…

My venue pick for your meetup is Petrossian.

Petrossian is 4-5 blocks from AOC. It’s elegant and conversation-friendly. The cocktail menu is linked here:

After 10PM, the dreaded LA traffic usually dissipates, so both of you can expect uneventful commutes back to your respective abodes.

Good luck!

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Roger Room - not far from AOC, not too loud and crowded on a Thursday night, great cocktails

late response but…

i had the same (sort of) dilemma about cocktailing in WeHo on a Wednesday

answer ended up being: Terrine. They just won some kinda bartender “award” thing, the barkeeps are absolutely into taking care of their booze. The bar itself isn’t too noisy on a week night due to everyone demanding the patio.

LOL you said “cocktologist”

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Beat me to it. Ha!

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Hilarious…the best cocktails in WeHo are actually at AOC. I peaked into this thread to recommend it, but that’s where you started your night haha

Given the fact that you literally started out there, and didn’t just stay there, I am guessing it’s because AOC doesn’t seem like a cocktail place, and so most people don’t even know they have them.

or madeo

and then pair that fucking shit with a veal milanese and spaghetti bolognese or the truffles sauce and you know what ???

for a fleeting moment, in a sideways drunken glance, the world just seems to have righted itself.

and that’s no fucking joke.

they do fucking cocktails there ???

i’ve had quite a few cocktails at AOC, and Terrine is at another level, especially with this new “fall” cocktail menu that just came out this week. The b.c.d. (unrelated to tofu) is just so much better than the cloying brown butter bourbon thang from Birch.

Plus, sometimes there are rando bottles of Nikka (12 blended) or barrel reserve.

I’ve still got a gift card for Terrine since they messed things up for me last time, maybe I’ll go check it out again. I was oddly disappointed by their Pink Lady the last time I went though.

They doing anything with egg whites? Or what kinds of cocktails are the award winning ones there?

Here ya go:

“Whites” = “egg whites”. Yes, everyone made fun of the racist description…

Oh shit, they’re doing egg nog!

Puccini’s Nog at Tosca in SF is one of my favorite cocktails ever, wonder if this could compete at all.

They happen to use tempus fugit as their creme de cacao in the b.c.d. ?

Also maple and egg whites, nice, the new menu does look substantially better than it was a couple months back.

Thx for the post!

sounds like it might be pretty fucking dope. but i do like my brown butter bourbon, it’s a bona fide meal for the price of a fucking drink, ok, maybe not so fucking bona fide.

like how one of the terrine dranks has fucking cynar in it, artichoke liquor if i’m not mistaken ???

thanks man.

Thanks for all the suggestions! We ended up at Melrose Umbrella Co. and had a very nice time. Good drinks and I really liked the setting. It wasn’t too crazy so we were able to catch up without yelling at each other!

I will definitely keep a list of your WeHo suggestions. That Terrine cocktail list looks great, particularly the Winter Daiquiri.

Beware, their service is horrific, and their website does not properly reflect their hours…it’s actually not clear whether their website is even run by anyone that works there.

I wish this wasn’t so. I would really like to have a good eggnog cocktail to drink in LA.

Disagree. As I recall, they pour a measured shot which to me is the kiss of death for a bartender. Do love AOC though food wise.

I don’t know what you mean by that?