Help for Tokyo need recs!

I will have about 8hrs in Tokyo on a Wednesday.

Please give me recommendations for casual eats. I don’t want to wait too long in line for any one thing. But I’m game for anything

Sushi, soba, udon, katsu, tempura, street food, katsu don, curry, anago, kushiyaki, ramen, baked good, anything

If there are areas of town that have a high concentration of food please tell me.

I will be eating till I drop!


Ramen Street at Tokyo Station.

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Just to clarify are you factoring in time to and from the airport?

Yes I arrive around 8AM and leave around 8PM so I assume I have 7-8ish hours of eating possibly slightly less. Given about 1-1:15 for train ride in and out.

But hit me with your can’t miss casual recs.

Haneda or Narita? Gonna assume Narita based on your train rides.

Agree that train station eating will be the most efficient way to get some great grub in, as many places will need reservations ahead of time. Ramen, izakaya and shokudo dining usually don’t require rezzies, and ramen cultures in Japan generally involves especially fast seat turnovers.

Though it is a bit west of central Tokyo, consider Shinjuku also, since there are lots of depatos (Takashimaya, Isetan, etc.), each with their own depachikas to peruse.

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Yes narita