Help identify this sushi bar in Ginza?

Any ideas? Located in Ginza, only lead is this excerpt

"This sushi shop used to be THE most premium sushi shop in Ginza, especially back in the 80s. It was THE’to-go’ sushi shop among celebrities, businessman…. It all started way before Jiro got his heads up in the sushi league. And it remains to be a popular choice today, especially among wealthy Japanese businessmen. It’s a relatively ‘low profile’ sushi shop among foreigners but I believe they purposely kept it that way.

The shop has nurtured many famous sushi chefs in Japan and left a mark in the history of sushi. A more commonly known example would be Araki’s master. "

Katie Keiko’s gonna hate me for “outing” this place, but the place you’re asking about is most likely Sushi Kiyota.

tabelog link here:


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