Help me choose a KBBQ spot for lunch

Planning a Sunday lunch for a party of 9. Any places hit all of these? Thanks in advance.

  • in Koreatown
  • good banchan
  • AYCE
  • <$25/person
  • accepts reservations

Hae Jang Chon is the only good AYCE place in that price range that takes reservations.

Banchan are decent but not particularly interesting.

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Oo-kook is $25pp +tax/tip/drink. Not sure if lunch pricing is any different.

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Road to Seoul

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Same price for lunch

Mansoo is down the street. Ayce. Less crowded for lunch so 9 is pretty much good to go.

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Oo-kook or go home.


help me choose a KBBQ spot for dinner (been to parks, sowoon, road to seoul)

  • In Koreatown
  • Not AYCE
  • Has japchae
  • large enough spot where old people with a weird necessity for large spaces will be ok
  • accepts reservations with tables big enough for 6
  • normal prices, (not parks or genwa prices)
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Brothers meets all your requirements, esp. the reservation one.

If you don’t have to have reservations, then Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong or Quarters are also viable options that meet your criteria.

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perfect thanks. never heard of this one

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Hae Jang Chon flashback when Kimmel rolled in as we took a shot in 2011

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