Help me make good tacos!

This is sooooo embarrassing. I can cook my butt off, but my tacos are terrible! Wth? I made steak tacos yesterday, the meat tasted like liver, the shells bland as all get out, just nasty! HELP!

We make “tacos” a lot and love them. I put the word in quotes cause I guess what we really make are small, non-folded burritos. Here’s a photo of one:

Usually they’ll have at least some kind of meat, black beans, rice, grated cheese, salsa and avocado. We fry corn tortillas in lard until not quite crispy, drain on paper towel and sprinkle some salt on. I season the meat with achiote paste (or other spices), a little lemon/lime juice, s&p and a little oil. I cook the meat whole in a CI skillet and slice afterwards. Nothing approaching a real “taco” but we like them.

that looks delish! You cook the meat whole in a what skillet?

Oops, sorry. Short hand for cast iron.

Oh, ha. I cook mine in a CI 2 :slight_smile:

It may be helpful to tell us what cut of meat you are using, and how you are preparing/cooking it.

When you say shells, are you using premade hard shells or soft corn tortillas?

Costco has uncooked tortillas that are better than anything short of fresh handmade.

I’d cut the meat Mexican-style into small pieces, toss with 3/4 tsp. salt per pounds and dry rub, and let sit for at least an hour before cooking.

I’d use a steak cut like ribeye or sirloin. If you want to use a tougher cut, braise it until it’s falling apart.

We use thin any old thing. Cook it super fast and slice/chop in small pieces. I generally have something in the freezer that will work. And leftovers.

I think the tortillas are key.

If you are not making them at home, try and find a place (like a taqueria) that sells hand-made tortillas.

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I agree that’s ideal but we’ve found frying them in lard til as crispy as you want is really good. And that little bit of salt is nice also.

That’s a nacho!

LOL! As I wrote above our “tacos” are really more small, unfolded burritos. But they’re still ‘foldable’ like a taco. We just get some small brown ‘bubbles.’ Lots of quotes :slight_smile:

tortillas shouldn’t be crispy

That’s tacos dorados.

I wasn’t familiar with those so googled. Not like that. See my photo above. Still completely foldable. Barely any color. Gives just a little more texture than a plain soft tortilla.


I decided to stick with my gringo tacos. I make those delicious!

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What are they please? When the grands come I set everything up on the kitchen counter and it’s make your own.

I’m guessing @Luluthemagnificent means these.

Yup , those are gringo tacos . They are best when you fry your own corn tortillas rather than using the ones out of the box .

We have a very small chain in the area. Jimboy’s Tacos. They’re more than a little tasty.

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