Help me make Ravioli

I’m nervous. I’m not good with the flour and yeast etc… How hard is it? This looks hard.

do I need special equipment?

Practice with a flat pasta shape first like tagliatelli. I would recommend the attachment for the KA. You can roll by hand of course, imo that’s more of a learning curve. Evan Funke goes over it in his book of you want to go that route i recommend it. Once you are comfortable with the dough and rolling it out then stuffing isn’t as hard but present their own challenges.

Pasta is a fun project! Highly recommended using Italian flour


Its not that hard. Here is the fresh pasta recipe I like best, Homemade Fresh Pasta Recipe
Instead of making it on the counter I make it in a bowl.
Here is a ravioli recipe, Homemade Ricotta Ravioli Recipe
It is much easier with a pasta maker, either the KitchenAid attachment @aaqjr recommends or a stand alone like the Atlas Marcato (which I use). You can do it by rolling it out, but it is a lot more work.
Italian flour is a nice touch, Epicurus carries 00 pasta flour, but you can use all-purpose or bread flour and get great results.

It’s not hard… just time consuming. We made some recently and the trick (Along with the 00) is that you have to roll out the pasta THINNER. than you feel comfy with. Then it will cook up better and taste better.

But it is worth the effort… Ravioli like Tamales are usually made in the metric ton and freeze quite well.


Ravioli makers don’t work.

Italians put down a strip of pasta, dot with two rows of filling, top with another strip of pasta, press to seal, and cut. Find a cookbook, web recipe, or video that shows that.

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lol what’s the ravioli version of a tamalada?! It’s always good to have extra hands around :slight_smile:

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Another Italian approach is to fold over a single strip of pasta.

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That video’s OK. Rolling pasta with just a rolling pin rather than a machine is kind of a pain. Italians typically cut between the ravioli leaving all the extra pasta attached.

00 pasta flour makes dough that’s easier to handle. Note that 00 pizza / bread flour is a different product and no better for pasta than all-purpose.

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Love this video. It’s been around but still very well done and informative

Are there pastas I can buy that are fresh and made already? maybe I can just roll them and stuff them.

Yes. Several places sell fresh pasta sheets. Check Whole foods…

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Love this! Thank you!

You can also use dumpling (potsticker) wrappers. It’s not exactly the same but it’s easy, available and works

Thanks. I was thinking about this.