HELP! My popcorn is chewy!

I’ve bought bags and bags and thrown it away thinking it was stale. I gave this last bag to a friend, she popped it up in an air popper and it was delish! I’m using a whirley pop.


Have you tried a different cooking method, like a pan on the stove?

You probably need higher heat . I needed to make some popcorn.

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I bet your popper is too slow, which dries out the popcorn. Use a pot on the stove, as @boogiebaby suggests.

I have the same problem. I t helps to toss the popcorn in a large bowl after popping and before toppings to lose some of the moisture, but even that is hit or miss. I usually start everything in a cold pan on the stove, so that may be my problem. Definitely following this thread. I like popcorn fine, but my wife, son and stepdaughter are true devotees. They love when I make it, but I’m always trying to improve.


We started using much more oil than I thought was necessary and that helped the popcorn have a less chewy texture.

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Here is what I have been doing with pretty solid results:

3 T veggie oil
1/3 cup popcorn kernels

Heat up the oil. Put four kernels in the oil. When those all pop, add the rest of the kernels + a bit of salt. Cover, and take off of the heat. Count to 30 Mississippi. Put back on heat. All of the kernels should start popping quickly. I slightly uncover as they are almost done popping. When there is a second or two of silence, pour em into yer big ole bowl. I almost always get a 100% pop rate with this.

Then, I brown 2 T butter and pour over + salt, pepper, onion powder & curry powder. Sometimes I will shred cheese. Mix and chomp.


Only information you need for making popcorn. A time tested method . Thanks

ok, I’m going to try some of these techniques, cuz I have been highly disappointed.

My popcorn STILL sucks!!!


After reading over the thread I realize I haven’t been doing any of this shit. Let me really try some of these techniques and get back to you.


You have the thin-bottomed Whirley Pop? Always works great for us. Serious Eats said in the article I linked to above that the heavy-botttomed one is bad.

I think i do have the thin one. i bought some butter and popcorn today.

Browned butter is magic. For popcorn I’ll brown it and add a splash or two of Louisiana hot sauce - not enough to make it hot, just for that heavenly vinegar/pepper aroma.

(Zombie thread apology. I just joined and many of the threads that drew my attention haven’t been active for awhile.)


I realized what I was doing wrong…adding too much popcorn to the whirley pop. Now I do it in half cup increments and it’s fine.


Reviving a thread is fine if the reply is enthusiastic. :slight_smile:



Just made some popcorn in the Whirlypop last night. I use two tablespoons of coconut oil. Added a teaspoon of Flavacol when I had it. Barely made a dent in the carton before I threw it out during a move.