Help with big dinner in NOLA!

We are going to New Orleans in October for a conference and I have to pick a restaurant where a bunch of us can dine - most likely a party of 8. I was thinking of Jacques Imos. They take reservations for parties over 6.
Thoughts on the choice?

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Are you looking for newish places - Jacques Imos, Toups Meatery? Or the classics, Commander’s Palace, Dooky Chase, Delmonico’s or K-Paul’s. I know know Paul Prudhomme is not with us anymore. But I’m sure his recipe’s were written in stone. We had an amazing meal there. I still remember the fried soft shell crab w/a slightly spicy sauce and a touch of cream, on velvety smooth mashed potatoes :yum:.

Jacques-Imo’s? “Newish?” It’s been around for quite awhile . . .

Be that as it may . . . I am in charge of finding restaurants for a group of us during an annual conference in New Orleans. This entails multiple evenings, and multiple locations.

Questions first:

  • Is there a preference in cuisine? (Seafood, steak, ethnic, Cajun, Creole – or, as @TheCookie asked – Classic or new.)
  • Are you looking for a place that is quiet enough for a business meeting-type conversation, or is the dinner strictly social?
  • Where will you be staying? If you are in the Quarter, do you want to stay in the Quarter for dinner, or are you willing to venture out into other sections of the city? (Some people want to just walk to dinner; others don’t mind a cab ride.)
  • Do you have a budget/price range?

The following are restaurants at which I’ve had “Dinner for Eight” on one or more occasions. The list is alphabetical, and NOT in order of preference, and while I do like some more than others, I would be happy dining again at any of these – and will be soon . . .

Things to Remember:

a) There are many, many, MANY more places in NOLA that could/would fit the bill, so to speak, and everyone has their own favorites.
b) There are places in New Orleans that I love which I deliberately left off the list because either I love them for lunch but not dinner; because the noise level would just make it impossible for any sort of conversation; or because eight is too large of a group.
c) Some of the above places are “Only in New Orleans” types of places, while others would be at home in any city in the world, but ALL are delicious, wonderful restaurants . . .


Hi @Jason -

Yeah… I thought about that when I was typing. I guess I really meant hip, funky instead of “newish” like Toup’s. How do you like Toup’s btw?

As I’m writing this I’m thinking since OP mentioned Jacques-Imo’s he/she is probably looking for something more casual. Me… I like casual, but one night would want to do a classic.

You provided great details. I’m bookmarking it for a trip one day. I told my husband he should go at least once, since we have roots in NOLA. We both have grandparents from there.

Good report. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestions and list!! Besides this dinner, we will be in town for 8 days so the list is great. I had chosen JacqueImos because of a guide book called Eat Dat, but I am now thinking August or Brennan’s. I am looking for some place that will allow us to talk ( noise level wise), but nothing to quiet or romantic. Price isn’t really an issue - it will be expense accounted (is that even a word?). Food wise, classic or cajun or creole.


I, too, would love to hear about Toup’s.

Dang. Nice long trip! You’ll probably be able to knock that whole list out.

I’ve only been down to New Orleans once, but the one time I did, I went to Commander’s Palace for the martini special (Mon - Fri): get prix fixe lunch and martinis are 25c.


Since I will be in town for 8 days, I’d love to get your list in order of favorites!

On my must list was
GW Finns
Angeline (breakfast)
Casamentos (lunch)
Commanders palace (sunday brunch)
Dooky Chase (lunch)
Willie Mae (lunch)
Galatoires (friday lunch or lunch the day we leave, a Weds)
Toups Meatery

My husband wants to get some po-boys so would like to narrow the list down to 2 place but have so far
Guy’s Po-boy
Killer po-boys
Parkway Bakery

Undecided on
Brigstens (had a fantastic meal here last time we were there -15 years ago)
Compere Lapin
La Petite Grocery

Love get your thoughts on the lists. Any must trys that should move off the list? Which two po-boy places would you pick? Galartoires on Friday or Weds, since we are not local? Which on the undecided list should be a must? What from your list should I definitely have on mine?

I’m from Los Angeles. Looking for things I cannot really get in LA, like southern, Cajun, Creole. Love offal!!

Again, thank you for your reply and list!!

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I wish we could add a meal here and there, like a two lunch day! :yum:

@Xochitl First things first: po’boys. Killer Po’boys is great, and certainly worth going to (either at their original location inside Erin Rose Bar, or their new stand-alone location), BUT these are far from your traditional po’boys. For classic, NOLA tradition, go to Parkway or Domilise instead.

In re: the must list: Make sure you wait until they bring out a fresh tray of fried chicken at Dookie Chase – it’s excellent (love Miss Leah!), but you really want to get it when they first bring it out. Haven’t been to Angeline, so I cannot comment. FWIW, we usually do Commander’s for a weekday lunch – Monday thru Friday, they have 25¢ Martinis at lunch. Personally, NOLA’s “thing” for having a Sunday Jazz Brunch has never been a great draw for me. And in addition to Cochon (where we usually have lunch, but dinner is also wonderful), don’t forget Butcher (née Cochon Butcher) next door: great sandwiches and charcuterie – grab some and go have a picnic along the Mississippi or in one of the great parks in the city . . .

re: the Undecided list – I agree about Brigtsen’s, in that I had a great meal there years ago, haven’t been back in many a year, and also haven’t heard much about it lately from any of my friends. Wasn’t impressed by La Petite Grocery the last time I went. Compere Lapin is on our list, but something else came up on our last two visits, so we still haven’t made it there. I would definitely plan on Patois (mentioned above) and Clancy’s located way the heck Uptown (and which I really should have included in my listing above) . . .

@TheCookie @President_Mochi @Xochitl Toups’ Meatery (it’s T-o-u-p-s-apostrophe; chef’s name is Isaac Toups). Very casual atmosphere, a few outside tables. Very nice wine list – both bottle and BTG. Great food – again, lunch (this past April) – really enjoyed it, and will definitely go again.


@Xochitl, just to give you an idea (which really means “feel free to completely ignore this”), this was what we did on our last visit (April 2016):

Dinners: Restaurant Patois, Sac-a-Lait, R’evolution, Shaya, Doris Metropolitan.
Lunch: Killer Po’Boys, Galatoire’s (Friday lunch), The Joint, Brown Butter Southern Kitchen (Sunday brunch – no jazz, but GREAT food!), Cochon – and sandwiches from Butcher for the flight home.

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Wow… I thought you lived there. That’s a great trip.

@TheCookie I first visited New Orleans back in Christmas 1970 . . . for the last (approx.) 15 years, I’ve been going down 1x-2x a year, with the obvious exception of 2005 → yesterday (Monday, 8/29) was the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina devastating New Orleans and a large part of Louisiana.

I live in Berkeley, CA.

That’s great. Do you have family there? Or you just love it? I went to New Orleans once years ago, for Lollapalooza (I worked for the management co.). But I try to keep up on the food scene. A lot of my peeps are from there.

I thought about Katrina yesterday. We were on vacation in Turks & Caicos when the hurricane hit. It was surreal watching it on CNN while we were in another country (territory).

Question: Do you find the area more depressed or dangerous since they’re recovering from Hurricane Katrina? Just curious - because we are seriously thinking about going.


[quote=“TheCookie, post:12, topic:4101”]
Question: Do you find the area more depressed or dangerous since they’re recovering from Hurricane Katrina?[/quote]

There is a difference between perception and reality, and here – more than normal – the difference is crucial.

  1. I’ve been to NOLA approximately 15 times in the 11 years since Katrina, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that New Orleans is “recovering.” By and large, the “recovery phase” is complete, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to do; it’s just that the city is back to dealing with long-term problems rather than crisis management or rebuilding per se. That’s simply reality.

  2. Friends of mine who live and work in New Orleans have indeed witnessed an increase in crime, most notably in the last (approx.) 3-4 years. That, too, is real. However . . .

  3. I have never personally felt threatened, nervous, or uneasy while in New Orleans. Indeed, I’ve always felt perfectly safe. Now, this is just my perception – simply how I feel – and let me hasten to add there are certainly some neighborhoods where I wouldn’t want to walk at night, but that has always been true – not only of New Orleans, but of almost every big city in the US. One needs to be careful, aware, and use common sense. That doesn’t necessarily keep me OUT of those neighborhoods; it simply means that I’ll take a cab/Uber there and back rather than walk . . .


Okay. That’s about what I thought. I’m assuming you personally don’t feel any different about NOLA? It’s still a designation spot for you?


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Parkway over Domilise’s for sure. Sub in lunch at Cochon Butcher for dinner at Cochon.

Most importantly, add Shaya to your “must” list!

Report back please!

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Is there a set time that they bring out the chicken at Dookie Chase? I read that there are also items you can order off a menu? We were going on going there for a late lunch.

Will do!!!

What about Guys? Or between Domilise and Killer Po-boy? Any thoughts on Casamentos?