Help with outdoor seating in west SGV

Hello. My older parents have been exceedingly hesitant to have a meal outside the home but are ready to try outdoor seating somewhere. They live in the west SGV (San Gabriel, Pasadena, So Pas, San Marino, Alhambra, Arcadia, Monterey Park, Temple City would all be fine).

I saw @CiaoBob’s thread about outdoor seating for Chinese food. I recall @J_L mentioning that Northern Cafe had outdoor seating. 5 Stars Hue in Alhambra also has outdoor seating.

Any other places to consider?

My parents are open to any cuisine, but on-site parking and tables that are not jam-packed together are important b/c one of them is legally blind (and so mobility can be an issue, and tripping is a real hazard).

“Moderate” cost preferred (≤ $40 pp), and alcohol is totally unimportant.



Golden Delight also outdoor patio seating but just slightly out of the geographic zone, but worth it, i think.


It’s on Garvey in Rosemead? That should be fine. :slight_smile:


Lu’s Garden. Tam’s Noodle House.


Zephyr in Pasadena checks some of these boxes: on-site parking (through very narrow driveway); large covered patio and (uncovered) courtyard with decently spaced tables. Food is good to great and service (at least for takeout) has been friendly and professional.

I’m thinking the courtyard might have pavers that aren’t perfectly even but the patio has smooth flooring? Would need to call and ask.

Oh, with the menu, sometimes it changes day-to-day - don’t go with heart set on a specific dish. (Though I’ve found that calling, rather than placing the order online, sometimes helps - they’re willing to make single orders of some dishes.)

Staff has been masked when I’ve been there.

Edited to add: thanks to @PeonyWarrior mentioning it on another thread, I know Zelo on Foothill in Arcadia also has some outside seating - no idea of table spacing - and a dedicated, though small, parking lot.

(You did say open to any cuisine, but these may be a bit afar.)


Chengdu Delicious fills all of your blanks. Their food is delicious and moderately priced and they have a lovely patio in the back.

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Baccali on Valley In Alhambra.

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Was it the young guy? He told me it was too hot and that there were too many flies and mosquitos a few wks ago. I told them I would like to sit outside anyway…


Just realized I never followed up on this.

Parents decided to do take out from Lunasia. It was pretty good, although they either didn’t have or somehow forgot the rice noodle for the cheung fun (so they just gave us the you tiao on its own). And has the filling for the char siu bao always been really sweet (to the point of being vaguely off-putting)? Rou mee ji was very good.

I have a friend who lives in the SGV, so I’ll still get to try the places mentioned. Thanks, everyone!

Oooh–this looks good and is something we’ve been looking for!

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Yay! Glad to have another option for you.

Update: was in the SGV yesterday. First went to Golden Delight. No outdoor seating. Then went to Lu’s Garden; edit: also no outdoor seating. Was so starving that we decided to eat in (esp since we were the table closest to the open door :slight_smile: ).

It was good. =) Partner had the Ultimate Noodle (which I can apparently served with broth or dry). We order spicy, but it was only lightly spicy. Not a problem b/c it had a surprisingly nice depth of flavor.

I had the “pig hock” noodle. I don’t have ham hock a lot, but the pieces were SO BIG. And basically consisted of skin and bone (so I had my collagen intake for the week, I guess). Check said “pig trotter” noodle soup, which made more sense to me. Just a hint of… star anise? I stink at differentiating spices. I liked my soup (and it would certainly be good if you wanted something lighter, pig parts aside), but I liked the ultimate noodle better.

We were also offered a fried egg. Not sure if I’ve ever had that in a Chinese soup! Popcorn chicken had a respectable fry.

Good place, def worth a visit.


Wait a minute I been eating at Lu’s Garden for a long time it’s always been a Taiwanese sweet potato porridge place with home style dishes. They now have Guilin rice noodles? I am so confused

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Did I go to the right place??? This was totally not a Taiwanese place. Lemme see if I can find the address…


Okay, so I misread Apple Maps and went to the strip mall NEXT DOOR to Lu’s. F*ck me. Didn’t even realize I wasn’t in the right place. I thought “Guilin Rice Noodles” was the name of the cuisine, not the name of the, uh, restaurant. Must’ve been so hungry that brain went off-line.

It’s this place:

Has really polarized reviews. Yeah, if you’re looking for a place w/ an “A” rating from its inspecton, this isn’t for you. The server was brusque at first (but quite pleasant as we left). And there did appear to be bacon in the Ultimate Noodles (and, no, I cannot ever recall being in Chinese places that used bacon in any of its dishes). Aside from the bacon and fried egg, it’s old skool. And maybe they’re a one-trick pony.

I still really enjoyed my food, personally, and would like to return. But maybe stick w/ the Ultimate Noodles.


weird, we’ve eaten in the patio at Golden Delight several times. Was just closed off for not having enough staff?

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Didn’t ask. When I was driving by, I didn’t see any tables outside. I called the restaurant to ask about outdoor dining, and they said they didn’t offer it. Is there a patio out back that’s not easily seen from the street?

And who knows? Given my mix up about Lu’s Garden, maybe I called the wrong restaurant. :frowning:


Top Island and Garden Cafe in Alhambra have limited outdoor dining outside of the front of the restaurant. Xiaolongkan Hot Pot, also in Alhambrra, appears to have a large area in the back parking lot.

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Any good dim sum places in the SGV have outdoor seating? I want to meet up with a good friend but they are not eating indoors at restaurants for health related concerns.

Capital Seafood in Arcadia has their patio. Not sure if that’s considered outdoor. Top Island in Alhambra still has a couple of tables on the sidewalk outside their entrance.

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