Herringbone in Santa Monica, any reports?

Just read about it in the LA Times SaMo piece this weekend.

Have not yet been but they start serving brunch Oct 24th and lunch Nov 2nd. Plus they have a $1 dollar oyster happy hour M-F starting at 4:30pm…

Bottomless mimosa @SM. $25 @La Jolla $15 …

If AppleBees and Water Grill conceived a child while they were both cheating on their partners, and on Ketamine - the child would be a damn sight better than Herringbone.

What a corporate shit-hole.

If I can avoid retching tomorrow, I may write more, but why bother?

Nothing redeeming about the place at all.

I recently tried the new location at in Las Vegas and mostly all the dishes are just average. The only dish I thought was above average was a salad with fried sweetbreads.

But I will pass in this since I wasn’t to enthralled with the San Diego location either.