Hidden Dumpling House - Elk Grove, CA

A little prodding on the local subreddit led me to this place, down in Elk Grove, which made it convenient to hit up before Mission: Impossible.

Beef roll, but instead of the customary hoisin and cilantro, and maybe some cucumner or spinach or bok choy, this had… Pickles. Dill pickles. From a jar. And also chopped raw jalepenos.

It was… Odd. And not in a great way.

Pork XLB. Rather flat. Pork and onion without any ginger. The dipping sauce was almost straight soy (no black vinegar to be seen). The skins were decently thin but as you can see, they didn’t all make it to us in tact.

Pork, shrimp, and chive steamed dumplings. The best of the three, but that’s a very low bar to clear. Again, heavily onion flavored with little to no ginger and the same WAAAAAAY too salty dipping sauce.

Surprisingly, they’re apparently on the cusp of opening another location in midtown.

Safe to say I will not be in a hurry to try it.


well that’s a big ol’ yikes