"Hidden gem": threat or menace?

It’s in a random parking lot in the middle of nowhere and rarely seen on “top seafood spots” in LA mainstream sources. I’d say it is.

Exposition Park isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere…

Plus they have a book: Somekind Press Take Away Los Angeles: Holbox - Beyond Ceviche (Gilbert – Now Serving

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I’d say on a more 1st hand account, I rarely hear Holbox as one of the “must go to spots” for seafood in LA if at all and more than general get a “What? What is that?” Where is it?" 9 times out of 10.

Yes it’s on some 200+ restaurants or like your first article mentioned, “17 excellent seafood places” but it is absolutely a hidden gem to most people not on FoodTalkCentral lets be real.


Thank you for saving me the time.

it does feel like the line at holbox could be significantly longer than what it is…


@PorkyBelly not only has unlimited amount of stomach space but also unlimited amount of time


gone twice and both times absolutely empty sadly. The other adjacent place was more crowded both times


did you go on a weekday? planning to go for lunch tomorrow and was scared it’d be crowded

No restaurant with a Michelin Bib Gourmand, Plate, or star can reasonably be called a hidden gem. Nor any place with >450 reviews and five stars on Yelp.

The other place is no slouch. Good bang bang.

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Not to mention their feature on Buzzfeed’s Worth It with that particular episode racking up 6 million plus views.


I’d argue most tourists/general average Americans who come to Los Angeles on holiday and are told to go come here would not know what it is. Whereas a Providence or Connie and Teds or Angler is much better known.

I’m not sure how a foodie tourist could learn about Providence and Angler without hearing about Holbox, and non-foodie tourists wouldn’t know or care about any of them.

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I totally disagree and most non food tourists know about Providence.

You just keep thinkin’, Brunch. That’s what you’re good at.


Line at Holbox


Must only be ppl highly in the know


Thanks! and right back at ya Robert :slight_smile: