High End, Good Gluten Free Options

We’re looking to do a birthday dinner for my sister, who actually has Celiac disease and isn’t just gluten sensitive because her life coach told her it would improve her mood. Anyone on this board have ideas for a good place to go for a birthday? Usually we’re limited to Mexican food and steakhouses, but curious if folks have found any good options. We also tend to avoid shared plate restaurants (other than Mexican), because gluten is all over trendy food and we end up with 6 shared plates, of which she can only eat from 2.

My current thinking/ideas:

–Broken Spanish
–Arthur J Steakhouse or Gwen

My sister is gluten free (something more serious than life coach mood reasons but not actual Celiac), and she does pretty well at Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. That may not be as helpful in the high-end department, but Night + Market can be a fun celebratory night.

Or have you considered/looked into Cassia at all?

I have not eaten there, but an associate who cannot have wheat, dairy or gluten ate here - and was thrilled. And she’s a pretty high end kind of gal : )

I’m surprised as one would think soy is all over this food.

Sushi (without soy sauce)?

Sushi’s a good option, but a lot of the best places sauce the fish themselves, and it’s also not an easy celebratory type dinner meal for a large party.

Thanks for the suggestion on Cassia. We’ve tried Night Market–you’d be surprised how many of their dishes have soy and aren’t actually gluten free.

Sugarfish (and Nobu Malibu I believe) caters to no soy requests (confirm when you make rezzie at Nobu).

I know - Neither option are special in terms of high high end sushi, but there’s always the thrill of B-lister sightings.

Thanks. I’ve actually always been pretty surprised so few places are willing to do dishes with the gluten free soy sauce–especially cooked dishes. I realize it’s not as good, but they would open up to a different (and fairly large in LA) group of people if they would.

I don’t have specific restaurant recommendation but If it was me when making the reservation I would A) ask to speak with a manager. B) Let them know the guest of honor has Celiac C) Can they do anything to help make the night special. This way there aren’t any surprises going in.

Not all soy has gluten. And if you tell folks you need to be GF, there is GF soy sauce they can use.



haha – I just took a gluten-free colleague to Redbird and it was okay but not ideal. couldn’t eat the bread and surprise wheat in one of the dishes.

anyway, my suggestion is plant food + wine in venice. Plant Food + Wine - Gluten Free Follow Me

I think chi spacca would work really well. Bunch of large format meat and/or fish dishes and lots of side veg and salads.

And I think AOC would also work.

Oh! Also, Rosaliné. They have a whole ceviche menu, a number of beef dishes, plus starches mostly based on rice and quinoa.

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Thanks, all

Hi there, bumping this.

I’ll be in DTLA or Boyle Heights. My celiac friend will be in Eagle Rock. We’d like to have dinner on Friday night - all price points welcome!

Fogo de Chao?

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