High Grade Sansho (Spice)

Totally not like bottled S&B variety - floral, yuzuey, sharp, tingly. Excellent


For $1.70 / gram it better be good!

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Think i mentioned somewhere i was on the lookout for some as well. Really love Sansho

@aaqjr the one above is good, although pre-ground

@robert A Japanese chef shared the high grade stuff is quite expensive in Japan too. He didn’t specify how much… just that it was expensive

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The La Boîte is 64¢ / gram, and whole spices stay fresh longer than ground.

They have an incredible lemon verbina aroma very light on the camphor.

Does Fancy Sansho taste like Sansho…? because can you guess what I don’t like and omit every time a recipe asks for it… :wink:

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ROFLMAO, I’m certainly not going to recommend you buy something that you hate on the off chance it might be less offensive to you. I like the regular stuff too, the good stuff is just more aromatic

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That is what I thought… Notes are one thing. Sansho is another… LOL!!!

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So good!

It is. But we blew through our teeny envelope too quickly.

Don’t mean to be a thread hijacker but we like the shichimi from Le Sanctuaire (although I have a sneaking suspicion it may not be a 100% canonical blend).

Also pricey but you get a reasonably sized portion.