Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore Spring 2020

Hi all, I’ve got 5 days before I need to be in Tokyo next spring so I was thinking about doing 2 days in Ho Chi Minh and 3 days Singapore. If anyone has any recommendations for both cities I would be grateful.

I’ve only been to Singapore once for 18hours but I did a pretty epic run on 9 hawker stalls + 1 frog porridge place. I’ll probably be doing mostly hawker stalls again but I wanna check out the Indian food and probably hit up Burnt Ends and Candlenut as well.

I’ve never been to Vietnam but I love the food but any travel tips would be great.

Samy’s Curry
Murugan Idli Shop

Agree on Samy’s. My famiky has been going there since I was a little kid. Haven’t been in a few years though.

My cousin took me to Sakuntala’s on my trip last year. Great veg banana leaf (my favorite) and chicken. Said their biryani is very good too.

My other favorite place for banana leaf in Singapore is Komala Villas. Been going there for years. The sambhar vada is good and my grandmother’s go to order was always the rava dosa.

I prefer eating south indian food over north Indian in Singapore and Malaysia because our south indian food in LA leaves a lot to be desired. We don’t get banana leaf food here either.

Make sure to try those fusion dishes like roti prata, mamak mee goreng, and murtabak. All indian dishes adapted to Singaporean tastebuds.

Wherever you go, make sure you order a filter coffee - perfect to go with your Indian food!

OT but a big deal. NO ONE there calls it Ho Chi Minh City. It’s SAIGON. 100%. Just so’s ya knows :slight_smile:

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You may already know this but you’d need a visa for Vietnam. And when we were there maybe four years ago you had to get it in advance.