Hock + Hoof


I was walking by and noticed this place. Definitely my kind of menu.

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One of my favorite places in DTLA.

This and Kasih are 1 and 1A non-Italian restaurants.

There isn’t any salad.

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Can you say any more about what you like or why?

All I know about this place is that LA Weekly listed them on the 99 before they’d even opened their doors which made them suspect to me.

the last item on the menu is a potato salad.

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What size pieces for the pig ears? I haven’t fixed them in too long.

Did you read the menu on the website?

What that defunct fishwrap does is irrelevant to me.

I checked out the menu, but it’s hard for me to figure out if a restaurant is good or bad just from reading it.

It doesn’t read very different from a menu at Animal or The Wallace. The beef heart tartare sounds good though, and that picture of the chicken sandwich looks good (although it isn’t on the menu). I understand that the LA Weekly is irrelevant to you, and the new editor is the worst fucking writer I’ve read, but it felt shady to me that they were included before anyone had a chance to try them.

The happy hour sounds interesting, I could see myself sitting down for some pig ears and a beer.

What about this place speaks to you?

Ever been to Incanto? Or Cosentino’s current place, Cocksomb?

This is what Hock + Hoof reminds me of, but with a Thai / SE Asian twist.

I just wish it had better large plate meat dishes.

I can get down with this…

Tripe + Tendon + Gochujang + Cilantro + Scallion + Avocado + Fry Bread 16

Beef Heart Tartare + Egg Yolk + Apple Pear + Sesame + Radish + Rice Cracker 15

Beef Tongue + Peach + Sugar Snap Peas + Pea Tendrils 17

And that’s a bad thing?

Very nice chicharrones. Yummy green chimichurri with lots of herbs and I don’t know what. $7

“Tripe + Tendon + Gochujang + Cilantro + Scallion + Avocado + Fry Bread 16”

This was fantastic. They offered more bread but I was trying to reserve some appetite.

“Somen Noodle + Pork Belly + Almond + Sesame + Shimeji 14”

Should probably have eaten this before the tripe. Very delicate and refined, opposite end of the spectrum. Great texture on the noodles.

“Beef Tongue + Peach + Sugar Snap Peas + Pea Tendrils 17”

Perfectly cooked tongue. I loved the contrast with the salty, green-tasting salad.

Place deserves to be busier than it was.