Hokkaido (Sapporo, Hakodate, Noboribetsu) in October. Tokyo/Kyoto suggestions welcome as well

Starting to plan some meals for an early October visit - lots already to choose from in Tokyo/Kyoto - but little I have little to go on for my stops in Hokkaido.


Are you going to rent a car and drive in Hokkaido? What kind of food you are looking for? Jingisukan? Soup curry? French? Tempura? Seafood?

Pretty much anything that’s good.
Assuming hokkaido’s primarily famous for seafood I imagine that is the focus but sure lamb/mutton bbq, some Waygu, yakitori

At this point no plans to rent and drive but we could

Three most famous foods in Hokkaido are Jingisukan, Soup Curry and Seafood. Some recommendations:
Soup Curry: Ichimonjikariten, Rojirakarisamurai
Seafood: Ohiso at Nijo Market (closed on Wednesday)
Izakaya: Q, Yururiya
Tempura: Tempura Araki (Mantis Shrimp tempura is very good)
French: Moliere (very good value, open for lunch)

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I assume these are all Sapporo recs?

Yes. Never been to Hakodate.

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