Holiday Lunch Downtown

Need a funky fun inexpensive place for a 25 person lunch downtown where we can also have a white elephant gift exchange so we need a private area.

Do you have a city in mind, or will any downtown do?

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I’m assuming Los Angeles?

I wonder if Badmaash would let you?

define inexpensive.

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I was going to ask the same.

I had an incredible meal at Broken Spanish last night that, while not definitely cheap, isn’t super high-end either. They have a nice private room in the back that would probably accommodate 25 people perfectly.

wurstkuche has a private room



Philippe’s? (you can reserve one of those semi-private rooms upstairs)


Maccheroni Republic on Broadway has a private kitchen for parties (not sure of capacity). The food is delicious. The service is fun and charmingly Italian. The prices are great.