Holiday Party for 25-30 People in January


I have been tasked by my boss to find a location for our holiday party. There will be around 25-30 people, we work in Hollywood, and I am not sure her exact price point. To give you a general idea of how much she will spend and how far everyone will travel, she rented out the private room at Red-O one year and we had a private setup at Church Key two years ago. She is also very alcohol focused, so Church Key went over really well with all of their creative drinks.

Off the top of my head, I threw out Pok Pok and Bestia as potential options … Mostly because I have tried neither and they seem to fit the bill. Bestia just got back to me and said they only have room for 24, so that might be a deal breaker.

Lastly, we have two vegetarians and a vegan so I need to accommodate them.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.

Redbird or Patina

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check out Terrine

There’s a fairly new Italian place in Hollywood called Bella Julia. Lovely couple owns it. Very good food. I don’t think they have a full bar…but might be able to set something up for a party. It’s a small place…but I’m guessing you could just take it over for an event. Prices are very good.