Holiday wines best local prices?

I know last year a hound did a little research on best prices for bubbly etc.

Just reminded between the TJ wine post and my bad weekend Mimosa habit. My go to Chandon was $13.32 at Von’s (less for 6 or more, after USC game today should have gone for that).

Hound are you here?

If you can navigate your way to DTLA and find parking, then you might want to check out Buzz Wine Beer Shop.

Topline Wine & Spirits in Glendale has good prices on bubbly (and everything else).

My favorite go to for inexpensive bubbly is Gruet (from New Mexico of all places). It’s usually around $12 @ Topline (I believe they have a brut, blanc de blanc and a rose)–I usually pick up the brut. Tasty and no guilt popping it @ any time -----for sunday b’fast @ home, a nice bath, midweek no occasion, mimosas, etc.

And this hound would once again appreciate the best price on VC this year - $35 is the magic price point.

I did the research last year cuz I was buying for a wedding - no such luck this year.

Ah, thought it was you Ns1.

Overall, I still think Von’s has the best consistent lowest prices. Unfortunately they no longer carry Schramsberg, which means trips to Total Wine for me.

I highly recommend klwines.

I’m stuck in OC, so use Hi Time for anything special/hard to find.

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sadly, about 42 at costco.

wine-searcher says Ramirez Liquor has VC for $30, but that’s $10 less than anyone else in the state, so I’m skeptical.

K&L’s direct imports are typically much cheaper than comparable wines.

Maybe buy a plane ticket and buy VC from the duty free shops?

I have not found champagne to be cheaper at the duty free shops; flying out in January actually.

Lucky for me, VC is basically Emirate’s house champagne brand.

That’s for the half bottle.

I second K&L. I have always found they have terrific stuff at good prices. Their champagne selection is excellent. They have the usual stuff from the large houses, but also a lot champagne from small producers that is equal to and often far superior to the NV produced by the large houses, at generally much lower prices. The staff is very helpful. I have never had a bad staff recommendation there, which I can’t say about other places. (Wine House, I am talking to you --immense selection – and some bargains and occasional finds – but a ton of meh things.)

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I agree. Their champagne selection is very good.

I almost always shop on their website. If you spend more than $500, they will deliver to anywhere in LA for just $10. That sure beats lugging boxes of wine back from the store. And you aren’t limited to what’s available in the Hollywood store (they have a warehouse and stores in NorCal).

What I love about K&L is that they are strong in the best QPR wines and spirits. I believe the best QPR wine is sherry. K&L probably has the best sherry selection in the United States. And in my opinion, the best QPR spirit is armagnac. K&L may have the best armagnac selection in the United States too.

Also, I feel like K&L does a great job selecting wines and spirits. Rarely do I pay attention to the reviews and descriptions of the store selling the wine, but I make an exception for K&L.

K&L is great and, yes the staff is excellent.

I needed to buy a bottle of gin as a gift (I’m not a gin drinker and know absolutely nothing about the stuff) and the gin/whiskey buyer helped me find the perfect bottle. he was super knowledgeable and informative. He also recommended some really nice second label bourbon from one of the top producers for me (can’t remember off hand which one) that was much cheaper than their top label and just as delicious.

They have good prices on the items that they import themselves, have selected monthly bottles on sale and a fantastic selection across the board.

I love the Wine House. Great prices and great staff that can help find the best value at any price point.

I third K&L. Totally agree with all the previous comments. Staff is good, and selection is well curated. As previously mentioned, they can get almost anything. I also find it interesting to watch their online auction for special bottles.

Yesterday, it was $42.99 at Costco. However, some bottles came in a stylish looking yellow pouch.

Wine Exchange in Santa Ana or Wine Club in Santa Ana for me for OC stores.