Hollywood Christmas Day?

Going to a double feature of The Revenant and The Hateful Eight Christmas Day in Hollywood at The Arclight. 5 hours and 33 minutes of the movies….Is anything open at all? Even Pink’s is Closed. Is Sapp open?

…just got an e-mail back from Tommy’s’'RAMPART NEVER CLOSES’’

I’m sorry, why are you NOT EATING CHINESE FOOD? I did the list just for you. What’s your rabbi going to say?

It’s a little further west…but Greenblatt’s deli (and they have nice wine selections…since they also have a wine store) is open 365 days a year.

Thank you. just called Greenblatt’s and they are open Christmas Day!

In hollywood for 70mm Hateful Eight else SGV would be a must.

That’s one of their big advertised slogans…open 365 days a year. But their food is very solid…and I like the idea that I can have a nice glass of wine with the meal.

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Why not try the restaurant at the Arclight? They used to have a dynamite bacon cheese burger, if that’s your thing.

Going to Sapp for some boat noodles…

Have you tried luv2eat? It is RIGHT THERE. Walking distance, even.

Heard they were closed for a remodel, am I wrong? Happy Christmas to all!

Reopened and doubled in size: see ig :

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Ended up at Sapp Coffee Shop for a Boat Noodle Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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