Hollywood Report - Grom, Musso and Frank's Breakfast

Sandwiched around a Disney princess spectacular, had some tasty vittles with my girls.

Grom – Gelato, Dark chocolate (they also have regular chocolate) and rich Pistacio for dad, my ladies had licorice (Swedes – i don’t get always get them) and Vanilla. This is fantastic, just outside the Dolby theatre. Served with a dollop of whipped cream for good measure. I may return for a granita soon. Looked so good on hot day.

Musso and Franks – A dark and cool and quiet respite from the throws of selfies and Spidermen, no wait or crowds and low prices for a classy joint. We sat on the old side and enjoyed 2 orders of flannel cakes (somewhere between a crepe and a pancake), one with butter/syrup, other came three rolled up with strawberry whipped cream inside and on top. Order of scrambled eggs, order of two fried eggs sunny side up (and cooked right not cold on top like so many loser breakfast spots), pork link sausages, bacon, and drinks…nice sour dough and butter tub…total damage about $45 including tax and tip. This is an underrated breakfast spot if you’re willing to wait til 11 am opening (stops service at 3). No lines no crowds (i don’t wait for eggs!) and solid food. I saw a benedict and omelet on someone else’s table and looked good too.

Looking forward to some grown up fun tonite…peace!

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It’s amazing the word we pronounce as “vittles” is actually correctly written as “victuals”…

always learning something new, but ill be damned if im going to write shit correctly!

yep though you must remember that they stop serving around the mid-afternoon, breakfast i mean, to pen the way for the fucking grill.

but it’s not exactly cheap for breakfast, unless you just order the flannel cakes around 7 bucks and a coffee 4 bucks.

but if you do get even a side of scrambled eggs around 7 bucks, the flannels 7, some potatoes another 7, some bernaise to go on those eggs, 5 bucks, and coffee 4 bucks, and some cheese to go with those eggs, 2 bucks.

it adds up real fucking quickly,

and they don’t do breakfast plates, i.e. eggs, meat, and potatoes and toast, er pancakes.

I always fucking say victuals.