Hollywood & Santa Monica Farmer's Market - Rain or Shine?


Just realized since water pouring from the sky is such an odd occurrence here LOL, I’ve never had the coincidence of trying to go to the Farmer’s Market during rain. So:

  • Does anyone know if the Hollywood & Santa Monica Farmer’s Markets are open during rain?

Are there fewer farmers if they are open? Or the same amount?


They’re open. Rain or shine. I’ve been going go both for over 10 years.

If farmers know it’s going to rain hard, they may not come. But, since so many restaurants buy at those markets, most farmers that sell at those markets go, rain or shine.


Chow no drops here in weho yet. I know bh farmers market by city hall is rain or shine and it’s also good if u want to mix it up. Petting zoo for kids. Kettle corn for dad. And you know you’re in for some hipster shit when cold brew isn’t beer.

Thanks mh, jj!

Good to know then. :smile:

You can check out the weather channel hour by hour and see when you won’t get caught in the downpour. Also, vendors will be there but some might skip because rain does cause certain complications.


I like it better when it rains, less crowded.

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That is by far the fucking line of the year on this site.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

deceptive advertising!

Imagine my disappointment when nearby “Bagels and Brew” turned out to be…