Holy Cow (no pun) -- extreme luxury steak delivery

Erik Sun, who’s been involved in restaurants like Bestia and Bavel, as well as others in the Bay Area, is offering extremely premium beef delivered through his website www.pursuitfarms.com

I am in no way affiliated with him or his company, though I know of Erik since he is a fellow spearfisherman, I’ve never met him and am not trying to spam the board. But I got a chance to try some (I believe it was dry aged australian wagyu) he supplied at a friend’s house and WOWZA, so as always my first thought when I try something that good is to tell you all. Plus, it’s awfully hard to go out for a premium steak these days.

His instagram is @pursuitoffood and you can see the passion he has for food and delivering the finest product. I wish I had the food budget some of y’all have :joy: :disappointed_relieved:


Those prices make me glad I’m not a big fan of wagyu!