Home Cooking 2019

Happy New Year!

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crispy skin branzino (cast iron worked pretty well… i really need a fish spatula)… a bit of harissa to dip… some olive oil poached asparagus and super cheesy cauliflower puree… girl killed it with this #ketolife dinner.,


Made the much talked about no knead (but fast) peasant bread and? Really nice. Surprisingly so! I think baking it in buttered bowls helps with the flavor too : ) (If not a long rise - butter!)

My bread, baked in a slightly larger bowl (so not as tall) -


Looks lovely!


@attran99 is right.

I like the site too. All sites should have a feature that lets you skip to the recipe. :smile: Anyway, would you say this bread and recipe is a good starter for an inexperienced baker… and one with little patience?

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Yeah, she did. Looks great.

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The Cookie - yes, this would be an great recipe for a new/impatient or worried baker.

I have two dear friends who are excellent cooks but, fearful bakers. I made the bread, reviewed the recipe with them and they are ready to try. Excited, even!

The nice thing abut this recipe, in addition the fact that it is easy and works, is that if, for some reason, it did not work for you? Or you need more? It’s fast! You can start a new batch and still have fresh bread for dinner. I started making it and realized it would be a fab with my turkey soup as an after holiday treat for some neighbors. But if I wanted to give folks a whole loaf (so pretty) I wouldn’t have enough for us… And then realized - hey! I can just make a second batch! And I did and it was dandy and, in time for dinner : )

Small note - I did not use instant yeast, as that is not what I have in the house. I buy the regular yeast, in two pound bags, from costco. So? Instead of 2 tsp instant yeast, use 1 T and proof it (bring into life) in suggested amount of warm water and a pinch of sugar. Once it has woken up/ bloomed? Proceed as directed.


I describe myself as “yeast phobic.” And my husband just loves bread. I need to pass this along to him to make his own.


What restaurant is this?

Veal Saltimbocca


It’s “Home Cooking,” right?

Yea, it’s a cozy spot :grin:

Ok and average bread is actually quite easy. Then you want to get better and better.

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You know that. And maybe I know that. But many folks are really truly scared about baking and yeast. So if a recipe can help them get better and confident and on the road to baking? And give them fun and food in the meantime? Then it’s a killer recipe indeed : )


O totally agree. I was same. I think messing with fresh pasta helps get your brain right in regard to dough fears. I still don’t bake enough because I live with a carb hater and who can finish a loaf! What kind of Dutch oven are you using?

One thing I’ve learned is that weighing vs. measuring is a good thing.

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That would be me. When my lemon of an oven is replaced I’ll attempt this bread. I love bread. Thanks!

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It is called Chez Nemroz and His Girl. It’s delicious.


“Dough Fears” Now there’s a fab band name!

For my 12 - 24 hour no knead bread, where you have to pre-heat your baking vessel, I use an old Magnalite 5 quart anodized aluminum dutch oven. All metal, no problems.

For the faster no knead bread I use the classic pyrex bowls, pretty simple. (But I have the 1 and a half quart, versus the suggested 1 quart, hence the space ship shape.) 1-quart Mixing Bowl

As for carb hating, fortunately (or unfortunately!) we are carb lovers who believe in moderation. And freezing extras. And giving stuff to neighbors. So we’ll always have bread. We just won’t keep all of it!


Gosh, I have such mixed feelings about weighing for baking.

I totally know and respect that it is accurate and correct. But, what if you were somewhere and you could not weigh, only measure. And maybe judge by looks. Could you do it? And I wonder about missing that element of, well, magic. (That said, I am sure some folks felt that way about measured oven temps and boy am I glad for those!)

The photo I use for my ID is of my mom’s rolls and, I am sure I could figure out all the flour weights exactly. But there is something satisfying about making them as she did, mixing in flour until it looks right.

So I’ll keep learning but also? Keep muddling along ; )