Home Cooking 2021

Closing out one crazy year and beginning a new already crazier one. Let’s Eat.


@NYCtoLA This photo of your Gjusta deliciousness has inspired & informed days of deliciousness in our kitchen.

Not really home cooking, just home yummy…

Thank you. :blush:


Oxtail soup (Hawaiian style) , wife made it.
Includes oxtail, mustard greens, chayote, ginger, star anise, beef stock, raw peanuts


@TheCookie Good to hear. Your home creations look just as mouth-watering as the Gjusta food!

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Is cooking raw peanuts in soup traditional? New idea to me.

The oxtail soups I’ve had in Hawaii usually have raw peanuts in the soup. No idea how traditional it is though

tinned fish loving minds want to know, what kind of sardines did you eat for dinner.


Thanks @NYCtoLA ! :blush:

Is that like some kind of proto-kare kare maybe?

Hehe @PorkyBelly - I’m not sure what kind of sardines but they’re from Dry Dock Seafood’s location at the BHFM. They can them in-house. I also get their hot-smoked salmon and the roe which is so good :hearts: I eat it by the spoonful sometimes.


I’m not sure, I don’t think it is, the peanuts in the Oxtail soup seemed more for texture. It didn’t really add much flavor. But in kare-kare, the use of peanuts or peanut butter is more of a dominant flavor.

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So finally having a big kitchen and tons of storage space is paying off.



i need this!

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What’s that thing cut in wedges?

Traditional winter salad we call herring under a coat. It’s layered picked herring, beets, carrots, onion, yolk, taters with of course a Mayo and smetana mix

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Here’s a video of The Alley at Aiea Bowl where they’re known for their oxtail soup. He lists his ingredients and how he sorta makes it


Nice. Do you press that to get it to hold together?

No, it’s cooked and moist so after you layer it and throw into fridge it sets up well. I think she flipped this one over so it looks even tighter.

wow!! That’s a TON of cooking! Looks amazing!!

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