Home Cooking 2021

I’m not sure I’d ever seen leeks this nice. They were big and the white part was much longer than what I usually see.

There you go :grin: Looks like a great breakfast

Yeah, that’s how they should be and how they are in France. White part up to a foot long and up to two inches in diameter.

An Irish Car Bomb…cupcake that is :wink:

Guiness chocolate cake (very moist) filled with a Jamieson and bittersweet chocolate ganache (I think semisweet chocolate would have worked better) and Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream. Very rich, a little too rich for my taste

These were a project. The individual components weren’t hard, but althogether it was a lot of work. There are 24 of these puppies and they are for an event in the neighborhood tomorrow to celebrate St. Patricks Day (belatedly), the Vernal Equinox and San Diego going back into the red tier. All the attendees are fully vaccinated (yea!) and social distancing will still be in order. We’re all just really tired of staying inside.

Oh…and I don’t think an appearance on Cupcake Wars is on my dance card anytime soon :grin:


Not sure about that - and I am not a sweets person.


For some sous vide potato fun…try sous vide-ing with duck fat. They make great crispy hash or supplement for an amazing breakfast burrito.


Yep, this meal of yours has been the stuff of my vegetable dreams.


I made potato leek soup (or whatever you call it) with leeks braised in water and butter and I added a swirl of cream at the end, plus I served it warm. :scream: Ms. Julia did not rise from the dead and the gendarmes did not break down my door and cart me off. It was delicious.


It remains one of my favorite experiments of all time. Between a group of my friends, we have 3 sous vide machines…and more fun tools available at our disposal. But there’s been less group experimentation this past year and more comfort eating instead.


2 related questions:

  1. does anyone have a rec for a canned chili for the purposes of chili cheese fries?
  2. has anyone ever used the XLNT chili con carne brick?

I have yet to find a canned chili that is decent. There is something about the canning process that just dampen the flavors no matter how hard they try. HOWEVER, Zippys sells it’s chili Frozen and it’s quite good for chili cheese anything. You can find it at Tokyo Central in the frozen area near the meat.


You can use the XLNT or the Dolores Brick… but honestly… it’s so greasy and salty you have to adjust quite a bit unless you are making a giant vat (Like Tommys). For that type of saucy meaty chili, I like Rhode Island Weiner Sauce… I buy the mix everytime I go… I swear they sneak in some tenderizer in there… SO GOOD.

If you don’t want to buy the mix… this is the closest to the recipe I have found…


Zippy’s might be the ticket. Thanks for the info.

Picked up these bad mothers from Thao’s last saturday. Made for some tasty potage.


Home cooking posts have been a little sparse lately. So here is mine; seared scallops over seared sugar snaps and asparagus tips with Julia Child’s fried potatoes with garlic and herbs. Lots of searing here I admit. Hadn’t made this potato recipe in years and it turned out so well. Crisp crust and creamy interior - potatoes at their best. To sear the scallops I used my SNS grill, Slow 'N Sear® Original Kettle Grill | SnS Grills, with the new cast iron griddle, Drip 'N Griddle Pan - 18" Cast Iron | SnS Grills. BTW I am not an SNS affilitate - I am just really impressed with their products - although most of their YouTube videos suck. I heated the griddle to 800 F and then splashed avocado oil on (the highest heat fat I know of) which promptly vaporized. Put the dried scallops on and 30 seconds later flipped them. Perfect! Never had scallops that good before.


Nice potatoes.

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Thank you my friend! Hope to visit your area someday.

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Its gorgeous

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So here’s something you probably don’t see everyday

Breakfast Hasselback Sweet Potatoes (or potato in this case)

A slightly sweet and soft sweet potato cut hasselback style with crispy bacon interspersed between every 2nd or 3rd cut, topped with a fried egg. The combination really works and these are pretty easy to make.

(Yes, I am aware that the sweet potato does resemble the snout on Alf from the old TV show. There as no good angle for this photo :grin:)


Chicken tenders using the Serious Eats fried chicken recipe. Fantastic. We like the tenders better even though we are almost always dark meat and meat on bones type of people. The 24 hour buttermilk marinade makes sure the cut up breasts stay juicy.

A 3 pack of breasts from Whole Foods made 17 of these size tenders. Great for leftovers to zap in the air fryer for quick lunch.

Made our own lemon mayo. It’s about 50% lemon juice and 50% kewpie + msg.


Kind of cheating because it’s really just boiling things in a pot and eating the soup afterwards but we had hot pot last week. Great stay at home covid activity